The League of Seven Ideals

The League of Seven Ideals
The League of Seven Ideals was the inaugural adventuring guild established shortly after the Sundering by the elvish priest Filiser. It is the most diverse of the guilds and the third largest in membership, it also contains the highest proportion of females (roughly one third). The guild believes that diversity is the key to successful missions and tries to ensure that adventuring groups are well balanced and well equipped for the unknowns of out-land survival.

The guild house is a converted stable on the south side of the main tower. It is comprised of a guildhall (45×80) for feasts and meetings, a spacious kitchen (30×30), an armory (15×70), two large common rooms (65×70) partitioned for male and female bunks, and more private quarters upstairs (generally 15×15) for higher ranking guild members. There is also a locked store room under the kitchen (30×30) for guild loot and special food and drink.

The current guild leader is a half-elf warrior named Siradze, who quarters on the first floor.

Other notable guild members are:
Dyson (Human Ranger) – second in command
Elliaviua “Ellie” (Female Elven Fighter)
Naerena (Female Halfling Rogue)
Zharg (Human Barbarian)
Dreggar (Dwarf Fighter)
Keriassa (Female Elven Wizard)
Askir (Human Rogue/Fighter)
Theriam (Half-Elf Bard)
Seriea (Female Gnome Sorcerer)
Aeonge (Female Half-Elf Ranger)
Jarretti (Human Monk)
Dalcyx (Elven Rogue)

The Seven Ideals mentioned in the name refer to:
* Vigor
* Vitality
* Intellect
* Guile
* Influence
* Serenity
* Perseverance

The guild badge is a grey castle with seven towers against a green and black checkered field.

The League of Seven Ideals

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