Tirg-Ath-Onon is home to four taverns.

The Long Respite – A quaint tavern with a long history. The Respite is owned and run by halflings and offers some of the best food in the fortress. A distillery is adjacent to the tavern and provides the populace with harder spirits than their competitors.

Siel Ta Nievras – Elvish for “taking a breath” this tavern was constructed by elvish settlers after the Sundering. It is now run by a half-eleven family of one of their decendents, a retired adventure named Talsin (14 Bard). It is home to the largest wine collection in the fortress.

The Gold Plate Inn – The only existing venue from before the sundering, the Gold Plate was originally a full service tavern and inn, offering food and lodging to travelers from across the realms. It still contains artwork and relics from the old world in the unused private rooms, and as such, has become a de facto museum of sorts. The owner is actually a descendant of original inhabitants of Tirg-Ath-Onon and never lets anyone forget it. It is the largest of the four taverns and brews its own lager and dark in the brewery adjacent.

Kravz Dhurkha Draev – The “Stout Drunk Dwarf” is a dwarven-run (and primarily dwarven frequented) tavern located adjacent to the mines under the tower. It is obviously a popular destination for mine workers after (and sometimes before or during) their shifts.


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