Since the time of the sundering, the prayers to the gods have gone unfulfilled. Priests have long since lost their faith and the majority of the people have followed. Religion is now more or less thought of as a fool’s errand.

But there exists some lingering faithful who still praise the names of the ancient gods. Reasoning that the past centuries have only been the crucible of a massive test. Hoping against odds that their undying piety will be rewarded and that the doubt of the masses will be punished.

Two of these cults remain active in the Refuge. The first, the Gathering of the Undying Flame links itself to the ancient elvish pantheon who brought forth life in the beginning and nurtured the gathering of knowledge and wisdom. Its adherents believe that the Elder Ones have lost hope in the ability of the free peoples of the world to defend themselves against this current onslaught and thus refuse to aid them, and are simply readying the world for a fresh beginning once the final siege is complete. These cultists believe that in order to convince the gods that they are indeed worthy of salvation, the free peoples must prove their worth, not only in battle, but by cleansing their spirits of any remnants of hatred, jealousy, and evil.

The second cult has a more practical approach. Pieced together by former worshipers from the ancient Dwarfish religions and human battle gods, the Blood Oath Brotherhood believes that they have lost the gods favor through cowardice and stagnation. They actively seek to expand the military power of the remaining free people and are attempting to sway the council to pursue aggressive territory building endeavors.


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