Last and Final Refuge

League of Seven Ideals - Prequel

Previous campaign start

Session 1 – Party gathers at front door of LOSI Guildhall. Meet several members of the guild, including Dyson and Sirazde. As they are waiting for first mission, a guild member bursts in and informs leaders that one of guild’s groups is lost on mission and haven’t returned in three days. Party volunteers to investigate. They are sent out the next day.

They arrive at location and see building and tower ahead surrounded by bats. Ignoring a large spider web in the forest nearby, they approach the building and notice a goblin sleeping outside. They dispatch him and enter a tunnel below the ruined tower. Exploring the caverns below, they decimate several goblins and orcs, and a boar. They navigate some traps and find a room with a teleport marking on the ground and warnings in goblin. Eventually they traverse a strange electrical trap and discover that the whole ordeal was a test by the Guild to determine their worthiness for actual missions.

Session 2 – The party, joined by new faces, decides to head to the Long Respite for food and drink. While there, they challenge Stormcloud Wanderers to arm wrestle and win handily. The other guild leaves hastily but ambushes them on the way home. After a brief, non lethal battle, the city guard pulls Latmia and SW leader to talk to the Shift Drega in the tower. The next day, Sirazde informs the party that they must travel on mission with SW guild to investigate a flurry of activity in the Xeandia Wastelands.

Tasked with eliminating resistance in a watchtower so that SW can safely spy on main camp, the party approaches the tower and climbs to top and enters through battlements. Before long they are discovered by one of the guards and they proceed down the heart of the tower to attack. After a pitched battle with a large group of orcs, whose leader escapes into the tunnels below, the party travels underneath the tower to a large lava flow. There they are met by three passive fire elementals who follow them to a large iron golem in progress. The party eventually find and defeat the orc leader, who carries a strange amulet that shatters as he dies. The elementals are released and the party finishes destroying the incomplete iron golems and looting the fortress for weapons and supplies. Returning with a golem hand as a souvenir, the party reports their findings and waits for their next mission.

Session 3 – The party awakens the next morning to the feeling that something is different at the guild house. They quickly discover that a massive operation is being planned that will involve all the major guilds. The group is tasked with neutralizing a graveyard south of the tower they invaded last week. When they arrive, they hear the sounds of battle erupt behind them as the main task force begins its assault on the main orc encampment. The party moves forward and discovers a large graveyard and a small stable. Investigating the area around the building they discover a cage with defenseless orcs, some young or decrepit. After discovering two large holes in the front of the building by the doors, the party ambushes the inhabitants, an orc wizard and two bugbear accomplices. Despite his attempts to engage the party with a squad of test zombies and a large bound earth elemental, the wizard is taken down and the orc captives slaughtered.

The party then turns their attention to the main battle and are themselves ambushed by a trio of lava spiders. Despite a pitched battle, the party handles the threat and meets up with a small group of Silver Star guilders. They accompany them to the main battle area and set into motion a plan to lure the wretched foes into an alleyway dotted with barrels of flaming oil. As three large ogres turn the corner, the explosive trap is unleashed and just as the ogres turn to attack the party on the balcony, the group manages to activate their teleportation stone and return home, where news of a rather successful raid by the guilds quickly takes shape.

Session 4 – The party joins up with a couple of dwarves and are tasked with infiltrating the former tower of a fire giant, which appears now to be used for the rituals leading to the binding of fire elementals. The party commandeers a ship to get to the lonely volcanic isle, and discover a hidden entrance on the far side of the island that they hope leads to the base of the tower. The party face several challenges, including more lava spiders and a pair of particularly nasty lava oozes, as they navigate the narrow twisting tunnels into the heart of the mountain. Eventually they come upon the back of a smooth portal carved from the black rock. Deciding that there mission is complete on this day, the party returns back to Tirg-Ath-Anon.



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