The Tower

The Tower is the central military stronghold for Tirg-Ath-Onon. Standing twelve stories high, it is the highest structure in the city. Within its walls are located barracks for the town guard and adventuring guilds, storage rooms for food, weapons, and supplies, the Wizard Guild tower and town library, and even a dwarvish tavern deep in its lower dungeons. Around its outside walls, smiths work the raw ore from the nearby mines into passable armor and weapons, as well as protective coverings for the buildings in town.

The main tower is the largest of the three structures and spans nearly 500 feet in diameter at its base. The extensive main gate complex faces the waterfall and is usually manned by 50 guards anytime of day. Townpersons requiring entrance into the tower must have a writ allowing it from an appropriate guildmaster. A guild badge is also sufficient.

Upon entering through the main gate, the voluminous main chamber arches 50 feet high above. Frescoes of battle scenes from ages past span from floor to ceiling and tapestries of the great houses of yore flutter in the ever present breeze. A main elevator serves the central core of the tower. It is powered through a sly combination of dwarven thermo-mechanics and elven magic. A group of twenty men in armor can ride it comfortably.

Near the far wall sturdy tables serve as the primary mess hall for the tower troops. Open air kitchens dot the alcoves and serve up hearty standard fare and unique delicacies alike.

A particularly large archway opens from the main chamber directly to the right of the main gate, it is the entrance to the town library, where all of the knowledge of the previous world is kept and studied. Dozens of sages and historians work night and day to piece together what they can, searching for that ever elusive key to the puzzle that may someday liberate the free peoples once again. Up spiral staircases from here lies the Wizard’s tower, the first several floors of which house the Children’s academy.

Adjacent to the vertical steam tunnels that help to power the elevator, a large grate, typically open, leads down a flight of rough-hewn stairs to the dwarvish tavern and the mines below.

Between the many alcoves lie archways that originally led to the stables surrounding the tower. The former stables now serve as the headquarters of the various adventuring guilds.

Main Tower Structure

Level – Description
12 – Battlements, Ballistae
11 – Active Troop Quarters
10 - Archery Holes
9 - Weapons Storage, Guardhouse, Entrance to Upper Wall
8 - Officer Barracks, Guardsmen Guildhall
7 - Barracks
6 - Barracks
5 - Barracks
4 - Barracks
3 - Barracks
2 - Food Storage
1 - Guardhouse, Mess Hall, Entrances to Adventurer’s Guilds and Wizard’s Tower/Library
-1 - Kravz Dhurkha Draev Tavern, entrance to mines and forge
-2 - Food Storage

The Tower

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