Standing Army

The town guard stands with a total of 1,503 soldiers essentially divided into three shifts of 500 each. They take turns running basically eight hour shifts. During a given shift, half of the guard is located near or within The Tower, they are tasked with training, repair, and restocking of supplies. The other half are on active duty, with ten roughly equal sized groups assigned to the following tasks:

  • East Wall
  • Northeast Wall (“the Long Walk”)
  • North Wall and Bridge-span
  • West Wall (Main Tower Keep)
  • South Wall
  • Main Tower Upper Floors (Ballista)
  • Main Tower Gate
  • Patrol (Commons)
  • Ruins
  • Harbor (on ships)

During times of extensive peril, soldiers are expected to pull double shifts, one in the tower and one on active patrol.

Standard issue for a soldier is chainmail armor, longsword, and metal shield. All soldiers are trained with the use of a shortbow or crossbow as well. Officers are given masterwork armor and weapons, as well as some magical items.

Of the 1,500 or so soldiers that guard the fortress, 120 of them are considered officers. Within each squad of ten soldiers, there is a Riga (Squad Leader) and Kal-Riga (Assistant). Each shift also has a Drega (Shift Leader) who plans the daily routines for their charges as well as reports directly to the Council.

Additionally, sixty elves, half-elves, and gnomes are utilized as guardians along the outer walls and the tower. They provide magical assistance to the town defences in the form of wards, scrying, and as a final resort: elemental barrages.

Standing Army

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