Missions in the guild generally follow several rules.

They generally begin early in the morning to maximize waking hours for the party. It is unusual for missions to last longer than a few hours or even a day.

Usually a group of four to six adventurers travel for each mission.

Care is taken to assure that missions are appropriate to the ability of the people going. However, there have been cases where unknown dangers or unreliable scouting reports have led groups into situations over their heads. Groups are expected to know their own limitations and to abandon situations that are too extreme.

In addition to their weapons and armor and basic supplies, each adventurer is given a bandolier, emlazoned with the crest of their guild, that contains four potions in metal tubes. The three larger tubes each contain a dose of healing elixir (1d8 per dose). The smallest tube contains a greenish liquid that is to be used without question if a situation presents itself such that the adventurer does not see a reasonable chance of avoiding capture by hostile agents.

The party is given a single transport stone (shown below) with which to travel to whatever location is required by the mission. The stone measures about three feet across and weighs close to fifty pounds. It is used as a holder for the teleportation blood-stones used by the adventuring guilds to traverse the continents. Each arm of the transport stone is transcribed with the incantation for a magical spell that can be used to activate the blood-stone when it is placed firmly in the center circle. The color used is determined by the specific spell infused into the gem and told to the user prior to the mission. This is to prevent the use of the stone by hostile forces.

Two gems (blood-stones) are given to the arcane magic user (wizard, sorcerer, or bard) within the group with the highest aptitude. One of these stones is placed in the middle of the transport stone and one of several color-coded incantations is read aloud that will active the teleport spell residing within the gem. In order to be affected by the teleportaion process, a person must willingly place their hand (or other body part) onto one of the arms.

The gem is destroyed in the process. When the party is ready to travel back to Tirg-Ath-Anon, the process is repeated with the other gem.



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