The ancient guilding system, so prevalent in the elder civilations, has been retained within the walls of Tirg-Ath-Onon.

Every member of a particular profession is, by default, a member of the associated guild. The leader of each guild is guaranteed membership and a voice in the Town Council as well. Once a week there is an all-guild meeting to discuss allocation of resources, future plans, and inventories.

Currently there are seven guilds representing the major functions of the fortress.

  • Guardsman’s Guild
  • Miner’s Guild
  • Adventurer’s Guild
  • Farmer’s Guild
  • Crafter’s Guild
  • Wizard’s Guild (also oversees the children’s school and library)
  • Seafarer’s Guild

Within the Adventurer’s Guild itself, there are five main adventuring groups
The League of Seven Ideals – 70 members
The Stormcloud Wanderers – 66 members
Elocuer’s Heroes – 48 members
Champions of the Silver Star – 93 members
Death Vow Defenders – 72 members


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