Last and Final Refuge

Actions Between Adventures
Through Week 29

I am under the Impression that there is limited time between missions that Characters can used to create items with craft, research spells, or simply work. I propose that a topic be used to keep track of all these actions so that Erich(The GM) has all of the actions in one place. In the Two weeks between Miro’s Missions he Copied down Darkness into His spell book (He cant use it) and made a Scroll of Sleep. All of his money was consumed to do this.

July 05 (5 months ago)
Hulder takes his time to start training and getting ready for the next mission (with a mentor if he’s found one yet). He sets up a dummy to practice attacking and he gathers some neighborhood children to throw rocks at him to practice dodging. After recieving a good amount of bruises, he gathers some barrel lids for the children to hold. He has them run past holding the lid as shield/target so he can work on his striking reflexes. This works well for a few days until a mother catches him and chases him off with a very pointy broom handle. Back to the drawing board….

July 06 (5 months ago)
Mindel has decided after recent events to sharpen his archery skills. He sets up a variety of targets ranging from small precision targets to stuffed dummies.

July 06 (5 months ago)
Ekio sets up a sparring group with fellow guild members, and starts a minor tourney.

July 06 (5 months ago)
Hulder gladly joins in the sparring tourney. He even promiseskto use just a ten foot pole instead of his ripsaw!

July 06 (5 months ago)
Mindel has volunteered to provide food for the gild by hunting either on his own or hunting groups not only to provide a service to the guild but also to sharpen his skills to hit a moving target, & hone in his tracking & survival skills

July 06 (5 months ago)
Rahl volunteers at the homeless shelter and at school for children teaching teaching basic forms of defense. He also goes in search of a master to enlighten him on the ways of the monk, finding Jarrett within the guild and asking him to be his Sensei, he begins training in the different styles and stances of the monk starting with learning to use his body to shield him from damage.

July 07 (5 months ago)
Oh, Ekio also joins the police force for the refuge, if there is any, in his spare time to act as an officer.

July 10 (5 months ago)
Rulstin is going to spend time aiding whatever blacksmith there is in crafting armaments and search around for some sort of mentor to teach him the ways of a fighter.

July 10 (5 months ago)
Huldur continues practicing with Dreggar to improve his agility while wielding the glaive, and participates in the sparring group during the week. He makes a point to offer what help he can to the Guild and its members after the loss of even more comrades. In the evenings he makes a point to visit the various taverns and ask about the Brotherhood of the Blood Oath, concerned about their appearance around the same time as the planned assault on the city.

July 10 (5 months ago)
Fallion spends some time in meditation. He fought well and slayed many orcs, but he almost paid the ultimate price. He must reach deep to find his inner strength, or he will not survive beyond the walls.

July 10 (5 months ago)
Fraus is going to be speaking with the guild leaders on several matters. A lot of it sensitive.

July 11 (5 months ago)
Makes sure the arms and equipment he brought back is given to the army quartermaster. He continues to help out when he can at the school. He also continues to train with the monk Jarrette in the guild hall learning new styles and techniques and helping the guild in any way he can. Rahl then makes it a point to go out to the sparring groups and practices those moves against several different types of combatants. When he has time Rahl tries to go out among the people, especially among the poor to see if they have heard anymore news or information on this Brotherhood of the Blood Oath. Finally, Rahl spends his late evenings in meditation and contemplation of his path in life.

July 18 (5 months ago)
Jemma, pretty much after any mission, will spend most of her time alone and just contemplating her condition, while waiting for the next mission to head out on.

July 18 (5 months ago)
After his arrival back at the Guild and his debriefing, Maldio immediately rushed off to the Wizard’s guild to offer help going through all the books and notes acquired during the mission, possibly finding a mentor in one of the wizards he worked alongside.He offered to help at the Children’s Academy to allow other, more senior members a chance to examine the trove of information, but spent most of his time reading and organizing files to go either to the Library or future guild use. As he read, his eyes glowed, excited to find some useful bit of magic to help the city. In his mind, magic will be what saves Tirg-Ath-Onon and somewhere out in the world is the right bit of wizardry to do it.

July 18 (5 months ago)
Fallion heads to the mage’s guid to see if he can figure out what his ring does.

July 18 (5 months ago)
Maldio heads to the Wizard’s Guild as well, bringing the rune sketches and hell hound horns for analysis as well as trying to decipher the books with the mysterious language. Hopefully it wasn’t some kind of summoning; I’d hate to think of what was called up…

July 19 (5 months ago)
Posting this now due to not being able to next week.

After the accidental mess up on the teleport back, if Rulstin does survive and make it back home, he would like to search for a weapon master. One specifically whom uses polearms, so he can learn the use his lucerne hammer to the best of his ability. (for my archetype)

July 19 (5 months ago)
Mindel has found a mentor and is training to hit a target that an ally is in melee combat with. So Mindel volunteers several party members one by one or two by two or even three by three to stand in front of target dummies in melee combat formation while he fires a volley of arrows at the targets

July 23 (4 months ago)
Burr kisses the ground when he gets back and mutters something about “Damn foxes…” before heading off to the Wizard’s Guild to get his new ring checked out. Once he’s done there, he drops the gems off with the guild leaders and takes his new blinging rings back to the mines for some good old-fashioned work. Where things make sense and random plant monsters don’t try to violate you with tentacles.

July 23 (4 months ago)
Having gone back to his human form, he is taking his 6 scrolls to a certain Elven Sorceress he’s been hanging out a lot with recently. And to discuss with about that damn bloodstone disappearing.

July 24 (4 months ago)
Ok your up now Fallion stand with Burr here in front of the target dummy in a combat position while* I shoot arrows at you * I mean at the target. ( snicker)

July 24 (4 months ago)
Upon returning, Ishimune sells the golden candleholder and replenishes his supplies along with purchasing some other oddments, such as two flasks of lamp oil, three large sacks, a length of rope, and an empty glass bottle before donating the rest of his share to the hospital he used to work at. Afterwards, he takes the strange items encountered on his journey to the Wizard’s Guild for examination(The strange orc garment, the coins of an unknown metal, and the ceremonial dagger).

August 15 (4 months ago)
Kegan from the League of Seven Ideals and fourteen members from other adventuring guilds were removed from their guilds after it was discovered they were collaborating to aid the Blood Oath Brotherhood and undermining guild missions. Kegan’s masterwork warhammer is available if anyone needs it. Huldur will take it. It’s always nice to have variety with your orc destruction!

August 16 (4 months ago)
Gamble was muttering something under his breath as he left the Adventurer’s Guild. He had work to do and preparations to make for the next mission it seemed. He convinced himself he didn’t need magic rings, or even that beautiful mithril armor he’d lost to a game of chance. Right now he needed a bit of target practice.

He made his way to the shooting range and set up a number of targets and flags. The flags were allies and the targets enemies. He was tired of having to shot into the fray of battle but as it wasn’t likely to end soon he figured he should at least learn to make his shots hit true. Hours passed and soon enough he never hit the flags even as they swayed in the wind and obscured the targets. His fellow adventurers were sure to appreciate a little extra precision on his part. (Precise Shot feat gained)

He could feel the weight of the day pressing on him heavily but before turning in for the night Gamble wanted to make a stop in at The Long Respite. The other taverns were well and good but those halflings really knew how to make good spirits. Gamble had made a fair number of friends and acquaintances there. He wasn’t the only human to appreciate good drinks. He was looking for some specific items there in the city. Or at the very least, someone who could make them. His brush with death had been a little close for comfort and he was interested in finding a better set of armor. He had heard tell of old druidic elves hardening leaves and weaving them into fine armor but he would certainly settle for a studded leather set that someone was willing to part with or craft.

He also had a stranger question for his information channels. He was interested in any rumors or tales of eggs. He wanted very particular eggs, large affairs from nests high in the mountains in fact. Perhaps something of that nature had been spotted or seen by the other adventuring groups? He sent the call out through the masses for information that he was willing to trade some things of value for if need be. He finished a few drinks in the meantime and headed back to the barracks for a nights rest. He had certainly earned it after ‘tucking in’ so many undead that day.

August 16 (4 months ago)
Fallion drags some mats out into the yard and challenges all comers. He seeks to improve his grappling overall (maneuver training), but he also wants to practice using a foes’ attack against him. If he is quick enough, he may be able to grab his attacker as a part of his dodge (snapping turtle clutch.)

August 16 (4 months ago)
Mindel will investacate into the matter of more damging ammunition rather that be magical or mundane

August 18 (4 months ago)
Huldur feels invigorated from his recent training and missions. After fending off a horde of zombies, he has perfected his ability to react well against multiple enemies (Combat Reflexes) and is itching to get out again to try his new techniques, though the sparring group will provide some good practice time. He hopes Fallion’s ego can stand losing to him.

When he gets a chance, he heads to the Wizard’s Guild to help him understand the new magical sword he acquired. If at all possible he’d like to transfer the magical abilities to his glaive. Or if they cannot help him with that, he would like to see if anyone would be willing to trade him someone to improve his combat prowess for the sword. He could always use some nice magic armor if they run into ogres again. Failing in these endeavours, he will talk to the guild leaders and try to find a mentor to help him learn this new weapon.

But most of all, Huldur will be heading to Siel Ta Nievras to put his feet up and enjoy a little bardic music…

August 18 (4 months ago)
Kal spends much time with the Wizard’s Guild in order to broaden his knowledge of magic. In his time there, he attempts to trade his ring of evasion(25,000 gp) for a +1 Sword of Thundering and a +4 Cloak of Resistance(Total value 24,000 gp).

In addition, having seen the effectiveness of burning oil, he purchases 3 flasks of lamp oil.

August 18 (4 months ago)
Fraus restocks his own Oil supplies. In addition, he also continues his more diplomatic chatter with the Elven Sorceress.

August 19 (4 months ago)
Mindel goes before the magic makers & explains/expresses that tho he is an excellent shot he is not doing efficient/effective damage to the enemy. He then ask them about more powerful bows or arrows rather that be magical or mundane. Mindel also mentions that he goes on many missions & would be willing to seek out or put aside anything they may want or need

August 20 (3 months ago)
The best deal Kal can find is that Seriea is willing to part with her Cloak of Resistance +3 for the evasion ring. She would also be willing to grant him another item from one of her future adventures that he would find useful.

Dyson parts with 10 force arrows (which do an additional 2d6 force damage on a successful hit) for Mindel.

August 20 (3 months ago)
Mindel thanks Dyson & says if you need anything I’m your man. Mindel then returns to his mentor he begins to eat more healthy & starts really intense training focusing more on endurance & physical tolerance (will be raising my CON by 1 point upon 4th lv ) ( will be getting Endurance as a free feat upon reaching 3erd lv as a Ranger) Since Mindel has been doing so much hunting & training in the forest that(Forest will be his first Favored Terrain upon 3erd lv Ranger)

August 23 (3 months ago)
Mindel’s mentor continues to put him threw intense training with long swims & long runs plus extreme survival test ( here is a loin cloth & a butter knife) test your skills for a week in the forest starting with nothing but the items I’ve given you. When Mindel is at the guild for what short time it is till another training or test session is laid out before him. Mideel eats more fruits, veggies, whole grains while not eating any fried or fatty foods. Mindel sometimes wonders if his mentor is trying to teach him or trying to kill him.

August 23 (3 months ago)
Kal takes some last minute preparations, purchasing a morningstar to replace his lost spear, a wrist sheath for his dagger, and some items both alchemical and magical. With any luck, they would come in handy…

August 24 (3 months ago)
Having seen how readily Askir handled the trap on the chest we brought back, Willy asks him if he’s in need of an assistant – and if not, who he would recommend as an expert on traps, locks, and related devices, who might be interested in an assistant. (Yes, he’s blatantly looking for a proper mentor.) When he’s not dealing with that, there’s the matter of finding an armorer or expert leatherworker to repair what used to be a nice suit of masterwork armor, before the beetle and lizardman got to it. And, of course, to keep himself busy while he’s healing and unable to do any physical training, there’s the serious work of turning scraps and broken mechanisms into entertaining clockwork toys for the citadel’s children.

Also going through his pack and moving anything that’s not directly combat or survival related into his footlocker. (No sense carrying around full tool sets when all he’s ever going to use on a mission are picks and wedges and such.)

August 24 (3 months ago)
Rulstin is going to continue working with the blacksmith, bringing the sand he took from the dwarven ruins, and the very pure water. Hopefully with the help of the masterwork tools some new gear could be created for the guild.

Also, going to my found Polearm Trainer again to master the weapon

August 24 (3 months ago)
Mindel will get his chainmail repaired after having almost being cut in half by a giant beetle. Then he will return to his intense survial training

August 25 (3 months ago)
Harag decides after missing so many foes with his mighty blows.(wow im a poet and i didnt know it) Harag seeks out Master Dreggar because he has heard of his strength and would like to have a sparing partner. He asks Dreggar if he would spar with him to help make his two-handed blows hit harder without missing and teach him to make his blows use more of his strength.(Working on archetype for fighter kicks in at lvl 4)

August 25 (3 months ago)
Kal, while pleased with his new sword, decides that he needs a way to penetrate tough hides and tougher armor. He has heard of swords edged with exceptionally hard crystal that were both excellent at piercing armor and weren’t prone to shattering like true crystalline blades. Such valuable blades were often enchanted. Knowing that such a blade would be more useful to him, he embarks on a search for one, particularly among the Dwarves of the fortress. They would be more likely to have one among them, and would probably be willing to exchange it for a blade made by a renowned dwarven smith.

In between searching, he trains at the Adventurers Guild and waits for Seriea to return from her adventures. With any luck, she’ll have an item of interest.

August 26 (3 months ago)
During Harag’s training with Master Dreggar he understands he is not strong enough and will ask about any means of becoming stronger.(He is looking for a way to become enlarged or someone he can talk with about it)

August 26 (3 months ago)
Rahl continues to spar with the local spar groups that have been set up among the guild and training with Master Jarrette, who believes he has finally masters the snapping turtle style, after a series of rigorous test to prove his adeptness. He meditates on his new found powers, reflecting on the past battles he was fortunate enough to claim victory from and learn from those battles to achieve a new heightened awareness in his monk abilities.

August 28 (3 months ago)
Fraus speaks with people about trading his Ring of Force Shield +2 for the Helm of Charisma +3

In addition, he plans on working with Keriassa with getting the 2nd level spell, Eagles Splendor put into his new Staff.

August 28 (3 months ago)
Huldur returns from the mission completely exhausted. As they appear in the courtyard, he quickly removes the transport stone and staggers inside so he can recover from his most trying affair. He had tasted mortality and it was more bitter than dwarven hops. Once he regains his strength he returns to Dreggar for more training and redoubles his efforts on blocking or dodging targets trying to reach him. Whenever he tires, he imagines those orcs with the poison daggers and gains a second wind to protect himself. He asks Dreggar who in the guild would know about poisons and proceeds to ask them about the orc one that he suffered from. If they is an antidote or a way to prevent its effects, he wants to know about it. Aside from spending evenings in the taverns, Huldur goes to Gravehk and voluteers to work with the smiths, both to better equip the city and so they will help him improve his glaive.

August 28 (3 months ago)
Fallion sits alone on the battlements, gazing into the distance. A hooded monk approaches and says, “You look troubled brother.” My strength has been robbed from me and Keriassa told me it will take a week to fully recover. My strength is my power- without it I am lost. “Ah. So your mission ended in failure and you fled to the portal stone when your strength was taken?” No- we persevered and won despite the odds. “But you laid down helpless and were a burden to your team?” No! I killed orc after orc and grabbed hold of the shaman before he could escape! “Ahhh- so maybe your real strength isn’t measured in you muscles.” Fallion thought on this for a time. My experience is my strength (level up bonuses and maneuver training). My tenacity is my strength (snapping turtle clutch), My soul is my strength. “Good- now you are beginning to understand. True power comes from inside. When you master it, you will master time” Time? “Speeding time to take another blow or travel further. Slowing time to avoid incoming blows. With practice- the power to see the future. Would you learn Fallion?” I would. “Then come with me to the Gathering of the Undying Flame. We will put your down time to good use.” Fallion rises and they depart together. (Path of the Ki Mystic)

August 28 (3 months ago)
Rulstin is still taking a bit of a break since the last mission. He finds his way back to the blacksmiths once again, this time to requisition a Masterwork Agile Breastplate, which he will in trade do some more weapon work himself, or go out on a few gathering missions for them.

August 29 (3 months ago)
After turning the loot over to the guild Flinne goes in search of a trainer to help him furthur his sneaking skills. He felt he could do better but something was holding him back. He seeks out Askir and asks him to help train him. After many hours of sneaking and acrobatic workouts Flinne goes back to his bunk and passes out awaiting his next chance to practice his abilities. When he awakes he goes in search of the wizards guild to seek something of magic to help him in his adventures in exchange for the help he put forth in prorcuring the last haul of magic items.

August 29 (3 months ago)
When Harag hears about the latest haul of loot he goes in search of the Wizards Guild. Once there he asks the magic users if they could make one of the wands into an enlarge person wand so his magic user friends can make him big and strong during their adventures.

August 29 (3 months ago)
After seeing how his last mission very nearly went pear shaped, Kal asks for one of the wands that had been recovered in order to turn it into a “Wand of Cure Light Wounds”.

August 29 (3 months ago)
Gamble watches as the rest of his group leaves the guild to nurse wounds and rest after the ordeal they went through, He’s not sure if it’s luck, skill, or simply the virtue of keeping his distance from opponents but he came out of that skirmish a lot better off than most of the others. He almost feels a little guilty, not needing to seek a healer or something such. He let them have pick of the loot from the place. It was partly out of courtesy and partly because he couldn’t put any of it to use.

He didn’t leave that tower empty-handed though. He’d seen a vision. A dark mountain surrounded by clouds and lightning and the clear shape of a massive nest during one of the flashes of light. He’d burned that image into his head and while all his knowledge of nature and geography hadn’t told him exactly where it was he knew that he could describe it well enough to someone who would know.

Gamble had the zeal of being shown his prize in his step as he headed through the guild and the city asking for information on the dark mountain he’d seen through the scrying glass.

He’d have his egg yet, and prove his fool of a father wrong.

August 29 (3 months ago)
Ishimune takes the time to restock, having dropped his pack down a canyon, before sleeping for a solid 14 hours.

August 30 (3 months ago)
Kal devotes his time to finding a way to transport the adamantium to The Refuge, magical and mundane alike. He also volunteers to join any expedition to secure it. What time he has spare he devotes to picking up his Wand of Cure Light Wounds from the Wizard’s Guild, asking Seria if she had a magic item of interest, and stocking up on trail rations. If they couldn’t find a way to teleport the metal back, he had a feeling that he would need every advantage possible. And his gut was rarely wrong.

August 31 (3 months ago)
Since he’s already volunteered to help secure the adamantium, Willy is helping Kal on the transporting adamantium project. In the process, he’s learning everything everything he can, from any of the Guild’s senior rogues who are willing to teach him, about transporting large amounts of precious materials, from how to package it to the best ways to trap it for defense against anyone trying to hijack it en route. Like Kal, Willy has a gut feeling that this is going to end up being an overland trek, so he’s making sure he’s properly geared for cross-country travel. With any time left over from learning and gearing up, Willy’s putting together trap kits so he’ll have some ready to place without having to improvise on site.

August 31 (3 months ago)
Given the dangerousness of their endeavors, the Wizard’s Guild does not believe that the generous donation of wand wood should be utilized to reimburse or provide adventurers with trinkets for their further exploits.

Gamble searches for someone in town to share his vision with, but all of the usual suspects are a dead end. No one recogizes the mountains he speaks of. Perhaps it was a cruel trick by the scope, or maybe it was just defective. His search will continue on, though.

As far as guild rogues go: Askir is the poison master and sneak. Dalcyx is the two-weapon specialist, and Naerena is the acrobat and trapsmith with a peculiar fondness for gemstones.

On Saturday, Siradze and Dyson gather Kal and others to the guild hall to discuss the adamantine cylinder.

“We have been informed that the mission to secure the cylinder and bring it overland to Tirg-Ath-Anon will be conducted by a rare joint mission of the adventuring guilds. The City Council has decided that due to the extreme urgency of success for this mission, we will send only the guild officers to accomplish it.” Siradze says with a frown. “I know you had your heart set on this, Kal. But these are our orders. Now don’t worry, our guild will be well rewarded if this thing is as big as you say it is. We are set to leave as soon as we can fashion a wagon capable of carrying something this massive.”

August 31 (3 months ago)
While disappointed that he cannot assist with such an important and dangerous mission, Huldur finds comfort in the fact that the magic telescope will probably serve to provide them with plenty to do in the meantime. And the possibility of working in the forges with the vast deposit of precious metal gives him a near-constant gleam in his eye. Before his next mission though, Huldur goes to Askir and asks about any general antidotes the guild may have, or at least ones against the orc poison. He wants to be as ready as possible for when he shows off his new weapon.

August 31 (3 months ago)
Kal, while displaying no outward signs of such, is profoundly disheartened at being excluded from the mission. He understands the decision, but he has always prided himself in seeing a job done. He is further annoyed by the decision by the Wizard’s Guild to withhold the wands. Needing both a friend and a stiff drink, he invites Harag down to The Drunken Dwarf.

September 01 (3 months ago)
Upon learning that Naerena has a fondness for gemstones, Willy makes a personal note to be on the lookout for any such items when on missions. In the meanwhile, he approaches her with the intent of becoming her apprentice, errand-boy, whatever it takes to convince her to teach him. As an introduction, he offers her a sample of field-expedient trap design he’s been working on: a tripwire that releases a mixed bag of caltrops and a few small bells, to both injure the ones who triggered it and sound an alarm for whoever set the trap. (And if he can get his hands on vicious caltrops, those are what he’ll use by preference.)

September 01 (3 months ago)
Mindel knows retrieval of the precious metals is beneficial to the guild.however it’s not a the top of his list and that its best to be left up to the experts. Mindel returns to his extremely intense training

September 02 (3 months ago)
Gamble woke quite early one morning to try and take advantage of the short time he had before the next guild mission. Trying to get a faster start on the day he’d taken to sleeping lightly and in his armor. He found that he wasn’t affected at all by it in the end, waking feeling completely rested. (Endurance Feat Gained)

It was getting easier to move around the city. The narrow streets, stone buildings, and urban landscape were becoming even more of a refuge for Gamble. He could react faster, see more, know the terrain, hide, and move through the city without leaving a trail to follow. (Favored Terrain: Urban)

Gamble was one of the first to arrive at the practice range that day. He set up his normal targets and dummies and practiced as normal. He found he was getting better at making his arrows stick in farther to his targets, which would cause more damage in the field even if he was a bit less accurate for it. (Deadly Aim Feat Gained)

He was looking to track down some new ammunition before his next excursion as well. He went to the Mages to see if they were willing to part with a bundle or two of magic arrows of any kind.

September 02 (3 months ago)
Harag knows that decisions have been made on who is going to get the big metal thingy that him and his friends found and he is told he can’t come along. This reminds him of so many other times people excluded him from things and makes him very depressed but when Kal comes and invites him to a drink he knows he has found himself a new best friend and goes with Kal to The Drunken Dwarf

September 02 (3 months ago)
Fallion is learning to tap into his Ki at the Gathering of the Undying Flame. His strength is recovering thanks to meditation and use of herbs.

He strives to feed his mind as well as his body. By day he studies with the masters and catalogs herbs. By night, he reads stories of days long past, and studies the old religions to see if they knew any truths.

September 03 (3 months ago)
Flinne is always busy either training with Askir or honing his abilities on the streets of the city. He is eagerly awaiting the day he can use his abilities and prove his usefulness to his party.

September 03 (3 months ago)
Kal challenges Harag to a drinking contest. Kal lost.

September 05 (3 months ago)
Given the news from Dyson, and the …interesting… trip we just returned from, Willy requests cold iron and silver heads for his crossbow bolts. Or some +1 bolts, but he doubts those would be as easy to come by. He’s also going to pack some of his simple traps with the rest of his traveling gear, for use when camping on the road. If Naerena’s in town, he’s going to be studying with her or training with his crossbow and dagger whenever he’s not preparing for the upcoming trip.

Thanks to all the work he’s been doing at Naerena’s behest, Willy has been discovering it’s more and more easy to delicately maneuver small items (Deft Hands feat). In addition, his research has led him to the discovery that many of the best traps were built by dragons, but in order to understand them, he’s had to spend some of his training time learning their language. (Draconic language acquired).

September 06 (3 months ago)
After Harag comes back from the Mages Guild he feels really let down now that they took the necklace from him and he doesn’t feel all tingly. He decides that he won’t give up so easily and that if he trains harder he wont need the necklace to be stronger. He seeks out Master Dreggar and continues to spar with him and during he realizes that his anger at himself for being weak and not able to protect his friends pushes him over the edge to a new longer anger,(Extra Rage), that enables him to fight on longer than usual and when he is done sparing his new-found anger allows him to look for more foes after his battle.(Cleaving Finish).

After his sparing Harag goes in search of his pal Kal to see if he is up to another friendly game of drinking or some arm wrestling to get his mind off the necklace.

September 06 (3 months ago)
Huldur feels revitalized after his last mission, getting to show off his newly improved weapons and his true strength. He takes his trophies to the forge to create some creative new vestments before the upcoming long journey. The hellhound horns and the single minotaur horn are placed on a chain to wear around his neck and the minotaur horn is hollowed to form a drinking flask that’s always on hand. The wings are dried and stiffened so they can be attached to his vest; hopefully he can get them to dramatically flap in the wind.

Once done with his fashion quest, Huldur trains with Dreggar, and Harag if he’s there, to help focus his wild energy in combat to increase his accuracy, as well as handle multiple opponents (though trying to fight Harag and Dreggar at the same time might not end well, Huldur’s not one for holding back) After a tiring practice, Huldur invites his guild-mates out for a drink, to celebrate their new-found talent at demon slaying!

September 06 (3 months ago)
… and Willy wakes up the next morning, under the table, his head throbbing and in desperate need of something with massive quantities of caffeine. . o O (Note to self: NEVER go drinking with Huldur, Kal, and Harag again.) O o .

September 06 (3 months ago)
Kal goes home with a light heart, having successfully intimidated a hellhound, avoided a grisly death, and won a four person drinking contest. Well, three person. Willy got queasy around the fourth tankard. The next morning, however, after a few cups of his personal hangover remedy, he turns to more serious matters.

An extended mission would be dangerous for a spellcaster such as himself, as there would likely be little time to sleep and recover himself. He therefore makes good use of the library in the Wizard’s Guild, learning how to make scrolls. As scrolls for first level scrolls are cheap and quick to make, he takes a couple days to create 3 scrolls of Cure Light Wounds and 3 Scrolls of Tap Inner Beauty. He puts one of each onto his bandolier and the rest into his pack. Later he trains with some other members of the guild and checked with Seriea to see if she had found any interesting magic items, as well as brushed up on some dwarven. Given his recent missions, it seemed like a good language to have.

A couple of days afterwards, a thunderstorm passes overhead. Kal had always felt a thrum of energy during them, but he could never DO anything with it. It was always a hair out of reach. But now, it felt like he could reach it, and he grasped it. He instinctively opened his mouth to cry out in triumph, only for his words to be replaced by a deafening thunderclap. With a bit of practice, Kal learned to use it in combat, thunderstorm or no.

September 06 (3 months ago)
Maldio has been involved in fewer missions in recent weeks due to his diligent work with the Wizard’s Guild, translating tomes and slowly trying to unravel the older magics and sigils. He has been excited to see the many new items coming in for study and nearly fainted when the great telescope arrived. His vast appetite for knowledge would be well sated for a while. However this past mission has brought news that is troubling to his pointed ears. The group came upon some hell hounds in the woods and fiendish creatures in the castle, reminding him of the hell hounds and fiery summoning circle he found a month ago.

Worried, he asks the guild leaders if any other fiendish enemies have been found by other groups and when they started to encounter them. He attempts to used his small amount of clout in the Wizard’s Guild to get a use of the telescope, to try to see where these beasts originated from and if his curiosity has ultimately unlocked something dangerous….

September 07 (3 months ago)
Fallion meditates in the guild hall awaiting the guild meeting. His new skills proved handy in his last fight, but he is eager to test them again.

September 10 (3 months ago)
When he’s not training with Naerena, Willy heads down to the Mines to consult with any dwarven trapsmiths or engineers he can find, to learn everything they’re willing to teach him about dwarven traps. Other than that, his off-time activities consist mostly of tinkering up toys and giving them to the adults he knows watch over the children too young for the Academy, so they can distribute them as needed while the expedition is under way. Sadly, there’s likely to be a lot of tearful little ones demanding that Uncle Willy promise to come back safe, and Willy doing a whole lot of “I promise I’ll do everything I can to come home safe, OK?”

As soon as Sally discovers the guild’s head sorcerer is a gnome, her level of fear drops about 90%. After all, humans are weird, scary, and (most especially) MEAN, but gnomes are kind of fun to be around. Since she’s never been on an expedition before, she takes every bit of advice given to her (no matter who it comes from) regarding necessary gear as gospel … and ends up having to sort through and thin out all the crap she acquired as a result.By the time she’s done disposing of unnecessary stuff, she’s down to a mere 72 pounds of stuff, most of which is rations and healing kits (including one veterinarian’s kit, for use on the expedition’s mules, guard dogs, and the like). The most unusual thing in her pack is a bundle of rice paper sheets and a pouch full of chalk sticks, for making rubbings. Not knowing what it’s like underground, but knowing how annoying mosquitoes and biting flies are, she’s convinced some of her elven and halfling friends to give up a few herbal insect-repelling candles (Insectbane Candles). Once she’s pared her pack down to the minimum, she heads to the range to work on controlling her fire. Much burning of target dummies ensues. Somewhere in there, Seriea learns that her real name is Ingrid, but everyone who knows her calls her “Salamander”, or “Sally” for short, and has since she was young enough that she only knows her name is Ingrid because the elves and halflings who raised her made sure she knew that Ingrid was the name her parents gave her.

September 11 (3 months ago)
After the guild meeting Harag heads to the nearest tavern to have a drink and try to figure out what is going on.(He has no clue other than he is going on a long mission underground.) Harag will invite his buddy Kal along with because he knows Kal will be able to help him understand and tell him what he needs to bring on the mission.(Otherwise Harag is set to go with what he has with the one exception of finding some Dwarf alcohol to bring along in case he meets some Dwarfs to use to make friends with them. And rope.)

Harag does know however that he will need to keep up his training because he feels he almost at a breakthrough with increasing his power without missing all the time. He will be making sure he can find a trainer for on this expedition.

While the meeting is going on Flinne stays towards the back and keeps his eyes on as many people as possible as always with his untrusting ways, but also to get their reactions to this news. He is not overly worried considering he has no magical means but if magic does go out it will leave very few precious things to appropriate from others. He will be putting together a pack for the mission underground but in the mean time he will be training to perfect his trap skills knowing that there may well be some traps or hidden passages on this mission.

September 11 (3 months ago)
Kal does help out Harag, advising that he bring a personal supply of trail rations for emergencies, a pickaxe, a considerable supply of torches, and after the recent report of reanimated skeletons, a blunt weapon such as a hammer or club. Kal personally acquires some extra rations and a pickaxe, along with plenty of components for his spells, including those he plans on learning as soon as he is able (Cure Moderate Wounds and Cat’s Grace). He places his newly made scroll into his spring loaded wrist sheath, moving his dagger to his belt.

September 11 (3 months ago)
Fallion pays a visit to the blacksmiths. Since they will be working underground, he’s looking for some pitons, rings, hooks, and other climbing aids. He would also like to acquire a couple sets of manacles if possible. If the party needs someone subdued, he can grapple and tie them up. Something strong though- rope might not be enough.

September 12 (3 months ago)
Gamble, upon hearing what the guilds had to say and about the trip underground goes on a stocking run. He checks over his equipment, restocks his arrows, obtains rations, pitons, a hammer, chalk, a journal, ink, an ink pen, and a good bedroll and adds it to his pack. He’s running a bit heaver than he’s used to but his increased stamina and endurance should make the travel all the same. Feeling confident in his pack and equipment, Gamble heads out for one last drink in the refuge before they leave.

September 12 (3 months ago)
Kal, upon further reflection, packs quill, ink, paper, tracing paper, and charcoal as well. After seeing so many carvings, he is loathe to leave more unrecorded.

September 12 (3 months ago)
Huldur feels confident in his current supplies, including the grappling hook and rope, and spends most of his time enjoying being under the sun before heading off to those cramped, dark caverns….

Maldio frantically sorts through his books and notes, wondering which will be the most important for the journey, but plans to bring plenty of paper, ink, and writing supplies for scroll-making and note-taking should they find some lost knowledge deep in the mountains. He also brings plenty of vials and containers in case they come across more substantial finds to sample and bring back to the city,

September 25 (2 months ago)
Are we allowed to crafts scrolls while we’re underground, or did we not bring the requisite supplies?

September 27 (2 months ago)
Mindel will be in shock and awe over the latest news he will pace for hours contemplating this latest issue. First the Gods turn their backs on the faithful and now this! What the hell is going on? Why is this happening? What is causing magic to lose its power? What with this mean for his comrades whose very existence is engulfed in the study and practicing of it? What will become of the guild masters of magic? What will happen to the elements of the world that thrive, function and use magic? OMG what about the magic of nature? What will this do to mother earth? That thought sends Mindel into shutters and shakes for hours on end as his radical pacing continues he cant think straight in the confines of the inner guild area so he sets off deep into the heart of the forest. Mindel continues to be rattled by the questions flowing in his mind.I was destined to use magic as par of my focus fight against things of evil.. For what purpose? Magic was dying. What madness was this? Mindel finds a quiet, peaceful,and cozy spot and begins to meditate tuning himself with nature he can feel himself becoming one with it feeling the flow of energy flow threw his very soul. Mindel even begins to see the spirits of nature walking about. Then Mindel sees a low mild misty fog arise and roll across the ground. The back drop becomes slightly foggy itself giving the area a haunting look and feel. Mindel then sees a creature off in a distance fist just an out line then a shadow and finally in plain view a female part Dryad part Trent with a touch of Nymph. Mindel can’t seem to get his eyes off her. Then she begins to softly speak. It’s true Mindel magic is dying and with it everything you come to know and love. Mindel I to will become nothing, powerless and useless without magic. Mindel you are destined to use magic for this very purpose and more. Help me Mindel be a part of any mission that may bring magic back to order to magic and become even closer with your companions because before all is said and done you will need them more than you have ever needed them but they will need you more so.With that Mindel awakens from his meditation with goose bumps and a clear head with the mist and nature spirits disapated he heads to his mentor for advice on training for the task ahead..

October 03 (2 months ago)
Kal takes a moment to sit down and maps out the network of tunnels they have discovered after the fight with the dragon, as well as recording the events of the battle and the uncertain fate of Master Dreggar.

October 04 (2 months ago)
Huldur waits with Harag at the end of the long hallway, wondering what’s taking the rest of the group so long. He hopes they hurry up since it sounds like the dragon in the pit might be getting more active….

Maldio continues to inspect the moving statue and record any symbols or observations he makes. He also updates the new tunnels they’ve found on his maps and make two big red X’s to denote the dragons, hoping not to have to add any more.

October 23 (1 month ago)
For those that didn’t catch it, Dreggar’s stone body was dumped in the pit by one of the dragons.

October 23 (1 month ago)
Hopefully the gold cushioned his fall….

October 23 (1 month ago)
Reckon the duergar cleric could give us a hand with that after we enact genocide for her?

October 23 (1 month ago)
Methink there are at least two dragons to deal with before we can consider that course of action. We got a ways to go here.

October 23 (1 month ago)
Well, we’ve established that she can fly and isn’t afraid of the dragons, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble for her to mosey on down there and grab Dreggar. With any luck, she can unstone him too.

November 12 (1 month ago)
Kal stared into the flickering torch. He could have used magic for a steadier light. No doubt it was wiser to save the torches. He didn’t care. After so long underground, it felt good to see honest light. A smile touched his face, though it did not reach his eyes. Wide wind, strong water, old stone. The mantra of the Thundercallers. It had been nigh on twenty years since he had heard the words. Damn you, Laerohtar… damn you, but you were right. I can’t hide from stone forever.

He had tried. As a sailor, he felt wide wind and strong water all around him, the elements that he took comfort in. He rarely had to stay within the high stone walls of Tirg-Ath-Onon. At first, he had tried to meet with Laerohtar during those brief visits. But the two of them were aligned so differently. Kal had been young and brash, fire and anger. Laerohtar had wanted to teach him history, teach him control. And, in the folly of youth, he had dismissed it. Eventually, he’d stopped seeking him out. It was years later that he’d learned of his death. I should have listened to you, old man. I think we would agree a great deal more now. He reached up and touched the grey hairs he knew were there.

When he had left on this expedition, he had been eager to see more of the world, to be free of Tirg-Ath-Onon. But he had traded one set of stone walls for another. And these walls let in neither sky nor ocean. Now, more than anything, he felt tired. Tired of being attacked, tired of worrying, tired of seeing his comrades injured and bloodstained.

Kal sighed with irritation. Introspection isn’t helping. Besides, I should get some shut eye if I’m to be of use to anyone. He blew out the torch and willed himself to sleep. It was a long time before exhaustion claimed him.

November 13 (1 month ago)
Fraus was stuck pondering his situation. He was used to the forests… Being underground so long as making him a bit edgy despite him holding back his anxiety. His paranoia of the dragons continued to grow, and he pondered about these Duerger. How would they fit them in the Fortress? How would they be able to sustain all the new hungry mouths? Not to mention he already had to try to continue working to create a good name for his own people so that once magic is dead,and they can no longer rely on magic to elude the primitive orcs and trolls who hunted his people.

He needed to work on finding out a way to secure a safe place for his people… Now, with the leaders gone, and their mission in sight, they needed someone to take over. Was it in his right to try to take a leadership role with the current Guild Masters missing? Especially given that he didn’t even belong to Tirg-Ath-Onon. He also thought of other way she could benefit the guild and the city with his magic… Perhaps by creating devices for everyone to use. Creating…. Perhaps, he could create a home for his people.

The worries continued to fill Fraus as his mind worried both about the situation, and of his own people.

November 15 (1 month ago)
Kal didn’t want to open his eyes. To open them would acknowledge the lack of stream and sky. To open them would embrace the stone as reality. But open them he did. Gallus will need some healing. That was the thought that propped him upright. Huldur took a hit, too. That got him on his feet. And we’ll need someone to keep up morale. That got him moving.

As he got out his shaving mirror, he stopped short when he saw himself. He was spattered with dried blood. It crusted in his beard, and one could clearly see where his helmet had blocked. A glance at his gear revealed the same, his shield to a shocking degree. He considered using magic, but without knowing why, he used a cloth and some wood alcohol, properly labeled lest someone try to drink it. Perhaps it was for something to do with his hands. He used magic to clean the cloth, however. No amount of elbow grease would aid him there. The result surprised him. Before, he had cleaned his armor with magic. Magic, however, couldn’t create that level of polish. The mithril of his hauberk gleamed, as did the smooth wood of his shield. I look more like an officer than a sailor.

But looking around him, it became clearer that the guild didn’t need a sailor. They didn’t need a jaded old man with a short temper. What did they need? He went over to Gallus and healed his injuries, clapping him on his now good shoulder. Huldur waved him away good naturedly. The regenerative powers of his totem was more than enough. What did they need? He went over to Dukraes, handing him the shield they had taken from The Great Dwarf. What did they need? He talked with the guild members, the newer recruits in particular. Then the answer came to him. Old stone.

They didn’t need wide wind, to bring them great distances. They didn’t need strong water, to batter down obstacles. They needed old stone. Someone to stand firm and unyielding as the stone around them, even as so many forces tried to tear them down. I think I finally realized what you were trying to tell me, old man. Kal smiled. This time, it reached his eyes.

November 20 (3 weeks ago)
What knowledge check is amnesia?

November 20 (3 weeks ago)
She could be helped (long term care) by someone trained in Heal skill.

November 20 (3 weeks ago)
Oh dear god… wimpers and hides in a corner
I didn’t know me playing an efreeti and coming 1 character sheet error from dying would memory wipe her…

November 20 (3 weeks ago)
Maldio’s face tenses and he goes over to Sally, trying to explain the situation and keep her calm. “None of this is going how we planned” he thinks to himself, “We’ve lost our leaders, Sally’s lost her mind, and now we’re trapped in these depths filled with all sorts of creatures who simply want us dead…. Though I guess that last part is nothing new” He tries to force a smile but its wooden and slightly off-putting. As Sally tries to deal with her confusion, Maldio breifly lays a reassuring hand on her shoulder, then goes to talk with the others. “We have to keep pushing forward. The longer we stay here, the more pain and loss our guild will be forced to endure…”

November 20 (3 weeks ago)
Ishimune furrowed his brow, thinking. “I may be able to help her. I’ve seen many cases where serious injury results in confusion, though I personally haven’t treated amnesia.” He smiled encouragingly. “Even if I’m unsuccessful, I know some people back in Tirg-Ath-Onon that have been treating people longer than I’ve been alive. They can cure almost anything short of magic.”

November 20 (3 weeks ago)
Looking over his his fallen comrades whom he had come down here with never to see the surface again and seeing the wounded of not only his prior guild but to this new Guild and the injuries they had taken to give him a chance to see the surface and continue on his larger goals. Tondir springs into actions attempting to secure their safety deep under the rock, he starts to talk to the group setting up scouting duties and watch duties on the fortress across the river, he think to himself as he takes the first shift on guard duty " How can these stupid dwarfs live down here without trees or sky and little cover" and continues to keep his focus on the hounds that haunt them from the safe darkness of a corner.

November 21 (3 weeks ago)
Meanwhile, back on with the dwarves.
Fraus continues to work with their casters on setting up a trap for Daria using the anti magic barrier as an on and off switch. In between working with them, he has been keeping the marked people well contained to avoid any accidents. Lastly, he is still Fraus’in it and spending plenty of time with the female newer recruits. Perhaps there was a chance their plan could work on Daria.

November 21 (3 weeks ago)
“Here ya go,” Thorbar mutters as he approaches you, holding out a small scrap of parchment. Taking it from his grubby fingers, he gives you a quiet nod and turns away, walking away deeper into the camp and muttering. He tends to do that a lot, having settled somewhat into his own mind since waking up from his sleep among your guild. He rarely talks to anybody in a comfortable fashion, preferring to grumble under his breath and stare awestruck at the nearby dwarven architecture. Looking down at the parchment, you can read, scrawled in a messy, tiny fashion, the following in Common:

Notes On The Teleporting Circles In The Depths (The Gates / MagicCocktease???)

- both circles are made up of runes, more than one person stepping on runes on either circle create magical glow, activate portal, teleport in 10-30 seconds

- stepping on different runes leads to different locations, 28 total combinations

- glow determines portal status, red means somebody is coming to our side, purple means it won’t teleport but lets us see destination, green teleports us

- circles inoperable if somebody else is using the circle from another side, must wait for them to be gone before using again

- 8 people our size (that includes dwarves, height elitists!) can fit, or two large things, or one REALLY big thing can fit on one circle

- bad guys can come to our side without warning, like evil minotaurs and such, keep guard on the circles

- when we look at destination, can see things moving in real time over there, i.e. can watch someone walking on the other side

- possible locations:
-Dwarven Ruined City
-Evil Fiery City (Minotaurs came from here!!!)
-Misty wasteland
-Elven City (really pretty, must visit)
-Overgrown stone hall
-Big temple in canyon
-City on floating island(Kind of?)
-Winter Valley, big black towers
-Nice lake, stone ruins
-Frozen castle
-Underground room, doorway (similar architecture to Balgrimvar, leads there?)
-Big valley, with big stone archways and towers(also pretty!)
-Ruined city, lots of fire
-Old forest, stone ruins
-New forest, stone ruins
-Abandoned city in mountains
- Dwarven fortress(Under siege by orcs, must go help now!!!)
-Frozen tower, wasteland
-Mt. Ground/Grund/Gloom(?, also where Gamble can find his roc eggs!)
-Mine entrance in canyon
-Rainforest temple(Bugbear glimpsed there, might be overrun)
-Human city of Vahr(Most definitely overrun)
-Eastern Kingdom keep
-Dwarven ruin in desert
-Waterfall canyon, big river boat or city(very hard to tell)
-Waterfall mountain
-Big stone statues looking into ocean, on rocky coast, lighthouse in view

On the back of this parchment is a series of diagrams presenting the rune combinations that one can use to reach any of the given locations Thorbar mentioned.

November 22 (3 weeks ago)

We… we found a way back to the fort in those dwarf ruins with the tall statues?

And… I’m still up baby sitting the new recruits!?!

November 22 (3 weeks ago)
nope we cant get through only 1 group at a time we didn’t know that it doesn’t work anymore

November 22 (3 weeks ago)
Um…wow. This just got a hell of a lot darker, if that green vial is what I think it is.

November 23 (3 weeks ago)
Dark times, with most of the guilds gone. Better that than fall victim to the orcs….

November 25 (3 weeks ago)
The next morning, the gravity of the situation came crashing down on Ishimune. His comrades in arms were in mortal peril and beyond his reach. The guilds were scattered and heavily depleted. Magic was weakening, and with it Tirg-Ath-Onon’s defenses. Initially, he had been furious at the distribution of poison to the populace, but he quickly realized that it was the only mercy that could be offered should Tirg-Ath-Onon fall. He likely would have given the same order, now that the possibility was ever growing. That realization did nothing to stem the waves of helplessness that washed over him. Unwilling to sit still, he grabbed his gear and went down to the training yard. Once filled with the ringing of steel and the dull thrum of bowstrings, it lay eerily quiet. He ignored the silence and grabbed a bag of sand, hanging it up along one of the walls.

He began at half speed, practicing techniques he had learned from his mother. However, they were designed for a smaller person facing larger opponents, relying on redirection. He shifted unconsciously into the more aggressive style he had begun to use while underground. The world around him became sharper, his blows came faster and harder. The bag shuddered and swayed as he subjected it to every attack he could think of, every combination that came to mind. When his fists began to bleed, he hardened them with his ki, making them as tough as knarled tree bark. Eventually, the ring that held the bag broke from the strain. Ishimune started at the noise, fist half raised. Eventually, he managed to unclench his fists and retrieve another bag.

November 29 (2 weeks ago)
Roland watched as Ishimune took his anger out on the bags. He understood the frustration and the despair that Ish was feeling. Not wanting to intrude, he slipped away from the training yard with a large bucket of sand.

The children holding onto poison flasks was disturbing, but understandable given the circumstances. The waiting, however, was unbearable. His friends were in danger, didn’t know what was happening, and he wasn’t there to protect them. Roland felt useless. He began striking the sand. Not to vent his frustrations, but to be productive. If he had to be here waiting, then he needed to be improving. Each strike made his hands tougher and his arms stronger.

November 29 (2 weeks ago)
Ishimune stopped, breathing heavily. He couldn’t remember how long he had been at it, nor did he care. All of his anger, all of his frustration and helplessness had been vented towards the four bags of sand that lay beside broken hooks. Wasteful, perhaps, but his mind was his own again. He could finally think. What would help the guild? He couldn’t speed up his arrival. Telesar was hard at work, and Ishimune’s knowledge of magical theory could fit into a thimble. So all he could do was maximize their usefulness upon the completion of the runes. A smile began to form on his face. He stopped long enough to grab a towel before running to the forge. Time to put that Adamantine to good use, forge master. I’m sure Gallus, at least, will appreciate it.

December 05 (1 week ago)
A few hours after the heroes return from the Delver’s cave, Yuujin spots an intruder approaching from the northwest. He silently signals Gamble and Kal to join him on the wall.

“Who is that?” Yuujin whispers.

Peering into the darkness, Gamble and Kal stumble to say simultaneously… “Fraus?”

December 05 (1 week ago)
Kal recovers his composure quickly. Fraus! Why the hell is he here? He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again. After what I’ve seen, I can’t be sure it’s him. He thinks for a second, then loosens his mace in his belt and calls out.

“Before you come any closer, tell me: What creatures did we encounter in the silver cave?”

December 06 (1 week ago)
Fraus rubbed his head annoyed. “You mean the damn creatures that got me trapped in them? Those ugly ass slime things… I forget what they are called. Or, perhaps how I helped us in the big fight against the orcs and acquired the telescope? I wish I could be here on better word… However, I have gotten an update on our guild masters.”

December 06 (1 week ago)
Kal chuckles. That’s Fraus, all right. He doubted that Fraus would forget being swallowed by a gelatinous cube. An unpleasant experience, by all accounts. He took his hand off his mace and threw the rope over the side, hauling Fraus up the last few feet. “No fire, I’m afraid, but I caught some fish you might find palatable.” He gestured towards Yuujin. “As you can see, we encountered some new allies. This is Yuujin. Most of the others are away, but I believe that Thorbar is still here.” He peered over to the campsite, and, seeing that was indeed the case, nodded to himself. “Now that introductions are out of the way, I’d like to hear this update, and I expect the others are equally curious.”

December 06 (1 week ago)
Fraus put a hand his face almost like he was trying to wipe away pain. “We have been betrayed… The dragons have killed all but one of our guild leaders. The guild leader who was the ranger made his way to the duerger town. It was good. I figured the plan would have a shot. I went out on a night patrol heading out of fort and when I came back… The duerger had betrayed us. They killed everyone in their sleep. We are now all that remains of our guild. This mission… was a waste. The dwarves we came to find, dont’ want to be our allies.”
he frowned and put his face in his hands. “I was too damn trusting of them. They dwarves… they knwo whats down here. A teleportor of some kind. They sent you on ahead so they could split us up to make betraying us easier. In grief, I went out and found Daria… And… Friends. We were wrong. She is in the right. We Need to go back. We need to disable the antimagic barriers so she can pass on. The very life of magic depends on it.”

December 06 (1 week ago)
Kal’s breath caught in his throat. “D…dead?!” Wise Siradze? Swift Dyson? Seriea still owed me a magic item. The thought came unbidden to his mind, so inconsequential in light of the news that he fought the urge to laugh. What was wrong with him? Harag, Rahl, Rulstin, Willy, Flinne, Rija, Thya, Dantregin, Dieldral, Rommara, Dukraes, Jirsa, Nargic, Anvor… all dead. All gone. His disbelief faded as quickly as it came. In its place was cold fury. I swear by stone, stream and sky, I will avenge you. He turned back to Fraus, his eyes as dark as thunderclouds. His voice was perfectly even.

“We found the teleportation circles, Fraus. We sent Ish and Roland back to Tirg-Ath-Onon with them. Hopefully they made it.”. He thought for a long moment before he continued. Without thinking, he imbued his voice with bardic magic. Just a touch, but he saw Fraus straighten slightly and his face grow less pained. “We need to hear about Daria and her friends, Fraus. All of it.” And hopefully why the hell she wasn’t straight with us up front. That might have killed our comrades as surely as the Duergar.

December 06 (1 week ago)
Huldur seethes at the news, barely restraining his rage for fear of harming his comrades. “Master Dreggar, Gravehk….”, he grabs his glaive and goes to fight phantom duergar and dragons. His actions are even wilder and less controlled that usual. “I swear that I will not allow your deaths to be in vain. I will use what I have learned from you and escape here. And even if I shall fall as well, I will take as many of those fiends as I can with me!”

Maldio freezes upon hearing Fraus’ message and clenches his jaw as well as his fists. “Not again… More of our comrades died and I wasn’t able to do anything to help. My whole reason for joining this guild… is there even any point left?” His face hardens and acts on instinct, performing as many mindless duties as he can, focusing on fixing the circles instead of the grief he feels." Sally comes up to him asking, “Is everything all right?” He looks at her confused face and feels his resolve take form. “Yes, Sally, we’re all right. We’re all going to be fine and get home safely. I promise, I’ll do all I can.” To himself, “Even if it’s the last thing I do…”

December 06 (1 week ago)
Eyrella storms up to Fraus and begins interrogating him. “How do you know Daria is being truthful? What did Dyson tell you? Does he still live?”

December 06 (1 week ago)
“I’d prefer to trust her… I… I saw her real form. She is… not of this world. She is like a legend from the kitsune tales of old. And.. I’ll be honest… I’d prefer to trust her since the deurger betrayed us… And dyson… we didn’t have much time to talk. He was really wounded. So I took him to teh rest of our comrades so they could help treat his wounds. But the damn duerger killed them all in their sleep. Never trust those who don’t brave the world.. .only those who go out and fight can be trusted…”

December 07 (1 week ago)
Did you see our guild mates’ bodies? How did you get away from the Deurger? I’m going to need a much better explanation- one that comes with details.

Daria has given us every reason not to trust her, why should we start now? You said she changed form, but I can do that with illusion. And you of all people should know how the mind can be deceived or altered thru magic. You could be under compulsion.

It’s not that I don’t trust you little brother, but this is a lot to take in and there is powerfull magic at play. I need to understand what happened.

December 07 (1 week ago)
Huldur: True! Now is no time for your tricky words. We need to know exactly what happened. What is Daria and who are these “friends” you found? I am still loath to believe the woman (whatever she is) who threatened to kill us all unless we did her bidding… And what are the duergar doing now? We need to be ready if they are planning to attack us now.

December 07 (1 week ago)
“Daria.. She is something of olden kitsune legend. She’s what I believe is called an Oni. She wanted us to kill the duerger so we could drop the barrier so that way she could reach these depths for this very portal so she could use it to get home. With her clan she was going to work on the fact magic is dying. Her magic isn’t dying. I saw the guild blood stains from their assassination. In addition, the deurger leader told me how he killed them in his sleep. He left me alive, to be a ‘messenger’ to Daria to tell her that her plan failed. As far as our guild leaders go… I didn’t see the bodies of those slain by the dragon, but I have the word from Dyson of their passing. I… I can’t say I completely trust Daria However… theres too much about her we don’t know right now. And isn’t the old saying, keep friends close and enemies closer? Daria is as strong as she says, and based on how much of a disaster this is… We need a strong ally. Even though we can’t trust her.”

December 07 (1 week ago)
“Fraus, we can’t ally with an Oni. I’ve read about them only in passing, but all accounts agree that they are, by their very nature, evil. Once they no longer need us, we’re dead.” And I don’t plan on dying. Kal holds up a hand at Fraus’s reply. “Regardless, the point is moot unless Daria can make it past the duergar. What we need now is a course of action. Ideas?”

December 07 (1 week ago)
Maldio “First and foremost, we need to get the portal up and active again. I’ll do what I can to try and help from this end. Then we need to get back to Tirg-ath-anon and shut down the portal once everyone is through so no one can follow us. I fear that there is nothing left for us here, and that we should at least try to get home and do what we can there. The guild has been shattered but we still can carry on its duties.”

Huldur: “I will stand at the ready to destroy any duergar or demons that come to find us. I still don’t trust that Daria, even less so now that I see she is an honored figure in your sneaky fox-folk legends, so I think we should see if there are any other survivors from the guilds then leave.”

December 07 (1 week ago)
Eyrella frowns in thought. “Kal is right- Oni are evil. Right now the Daria and the Duergar are keeping each other busy and we have no way to get back there. We need to secure these portals- they are our only way out.” She stretches out her hand and two small images appear- a hell hound and an orc. “Two threats confront us here, an open doorway to a lair of the hounds of hell and the approaching horde of the foul races. We can not fight them at the same time. We must concentrate on one and defeat the threat”

December 07 (1 week ago)
Sally wanders up to the group at the wall, her thin frame wrapped in her comfort blanket. She concentrates hard on the imaged figures in Eyrella’s hand. With a smile, she looks up at the rest of you. The orc and hell hound begin to viciously attack one another.

December 07 (1 week ago)
Kal smiles back. “I hadn’t thought of that. The two aren’t allies by any means. If we could make it appear that one had attacked the other, their bloodlust would be focused. And, given that we the perfect actor for an orc,” He glances meaningfully at Fraus, “it would be easy enough to implicate them.” Kal shrugs. “Alternatively, we have the corpses of both groups. If we arrange them to make it look like a skirmish took place on one of their doorsteps with the other as the aggressor, we could achieve the same effect. The only issues that confront us then are the matters of stealth and when we would play our hand and attack the weakened sides-or, if we are very lucky, side.”

December 07 (1 week ago)
“The only problem with that plan is that this fort lies between the two groups.” Eyrella looks around with concern in her eyes. “I think I’m being overly generous in calling this area a fort, but the fact remains that we must hold this ground. How are we going to get them to fight each other without it being on our doorstep?”

December 08 (1 week ago)
“That’s assuming that both forces attack, fighting, as you said, here. I’m thinking that if we convince only one to attack the other, the battle would take place at the defender’s encampment. The hellhounds would be easier, I think. We have more of their corpses than we do orcs, and it won’t be hard to adapt wounds by our weapons to look like they came from orc weapons. Plus, it’s obvious even to the thickest orcs that hellhounds did not kill the orcs, and I haven’t an idea of how to make it look otherwise.”

December 08 (1 week ago)
Fraus walked up to an orcish corpse and held out and mumbled some words. With a flare of light hsi hands lit on fire and he chared the orcish corpse. “We do it like that. Now the orcs think he’s been burned. They have hellhounds. Easy enough. Orc weapons are also easy. I can also sneak into the orc camp, and ‘convince’ them to attack the demons at a specific position if you have the body of a scout.”

He crossed his arms and closed his eyes. “While this is good for the immediate moment, we need to think long term at this point. What were the two missions we came down here for. Do you want to say it. This was the mission of the whole guild. We are now all that remains of the guild. This is now our mission alone. And we are the most clever and noble of the guilds. We can’t come back empty handed. So tell me what the two missions were for us coming down here.”

December 08 (1 week ago)
Tondir comes up shirtless after taking a bath in the river after the scouting mission. “Our mission was to find a way to restore magic without it our walls that have stood the hordes for hundreds of years will fall in seconds and it looks like we found an answer if this ‘Oni’ can fix it let her why do we care what happens to a few duegar. If we start a battle against the hell hounds and orcs how will that help us we either need to get to Daria, get the teleporter working or get out of this mess and tell some others who can get something done about it. My votes on the first”

December 08 (1 week ago)
Kal shakes his head.“Tondir, restoring magic was our long term goal. In the short term, the first goal was to find allies. I think it can be agreed that there are none to be found, Oni notwithstanding. Even if we could ally with Daria, we don’t know whether she’ll make it past the duergar or not. We are all that is left, and we can count on no other aid until we establish contact with Tirg-Ath-Onon.”

“The second was to reclaim territory. With our current numbers and fighting strength, we have no way of feasibly reclaiming even a piece of the dwarven kingdoms. Costly as this expedition has been,” Though he endeavors to keep the fury out of his voice, he is only partly successful, “it has left us in an advantageous position. Assuming we can transport reinforcements and fresh supplies from Tirg-Ath-Onon before we run out of provisions, we could hold the portals and use them to scout out different locations for allies, magical items, lost lore…and, hopefully, how to restore magic.”

December 08 (1 week ago)
Fraus rubbed his head. “So we have three missions it seems. The fact is plain. Daria is linked to one mission. Claiming land, if we claim this teleporter, then that helps with the reclaiming land mission, and it also gives us a new way to find allies. Which completes another mission. So our first goal, is completely secure the portal. Gettin gthe orcs and demons to fighte ach other, will make it easier for us to hold it against them. Then, once this is secure, we need to work on reconnecting with the other guilds and helping get them to the city again. Once we have done that, we can turn to the Daria situation, and have them deal with gaining more allies.”

December 08 (1 week ago)
That night, Kal asked Gwen over for some help with a song he was working on. He was nearly finished, but he felt that it wouldn’t be done justice if it didn’t have proper music. Many bits of music were suggested, scrapped, tweaked, and played. When the hour neared midnight, one could hear the song being sung in full, accompanied by soft violin music.

All ye, hear me, and listen well,
for I’ve a tale of sorrow to tell.
Of Balgrimavor, well lit tunnels now black,
and our guild, of which many did not come back.

When together we stood, we had no fear
to brave the depths both far and near.
Our foes were routed, scattered and slain,
and at our head were warriors of great fame.

Siradze the Mighty, Dyson the Swift,
Ellie the Deadly, Naerena the Quick,
Zharg the Fearless, Dreggar the Stout,
Keriassa the Wit, Askir the Scout.

Theriam the Silver-Tongued, Seriea the Unbowed,
(she never did give me the magic item she owed),
Jaretti the Wise, Dalcyx the Blade,
these guild masters led all of us, unafraid.

But when the great doors were opened, and we walked in that room,
we saw the first signs of our impending doom.
Duergar warriors, clad in burnished steel,
serving a red dragon with fanatical zeal.

Ice was raised, flames were conjured,
thunder was called, spears were sundered,
blizzards were thrown, and many duergar we slew,
until there stood only a few.

But the dragon was fierce, and unmanned us that day,
most who saw it simply fleeing the fray.
I was among those, ashamedly, but there was not that could be done,
Our presence would not decide whether the battle was won.

It was our turn to be scattered, routed, and slain,
our foes as numerous as drops in the rain.
Driving us, battering us, pushing us down.
But so long as we live, we will not bow.

Our comrades dead, our masters killed,
our supplies dwindling, our laughter stilled.
Even now, know that however dark the night,
the flame of our courage will remain steady and bright.

December 09 (1 week ago)
“That was beautiful Kal, an honor to our fallen comrades,” said Eyrella as the last notes played. “We must rest now, for tomorrow we lay our traps and begin our intrigue.”

December 09 (1 week ago)
Kal smiles tiredly. “I’ve made a song like that only once before. It’s not finished, but I’ve done all that I can for it tonight.” He turns to Gwen. “Thank you. Last time I didn’t have someone else to share the burden.” With that, he slipped into his bedroll and fell into a deep sleep.

December 09 (1 week ago)
Fraus sat in a corner with a glum face. The song was well done but… He sighed and began to sing softly to himself. It wasn’t exactly grand, or even well sung like Kal’s. However, Fraus sung it regardless.
“Once upon a time I really think that’s how it goes.
The land began to become filled with many many woes.
There existed a group of people who helped all their friends.
They helped the humans dwarves and elves until their end.

Orcs were rampaging all over all across the lands.
Cities fell and some tried to meet their demands.
But the clever friends they knew just they had to do.
They helped their human allies begin their life anew.

But when the time came for the humans to help and pay them back.
The humans left their allies out to be an orcish snack.
Shattered and broken the people lost had their promised boon.
The scattered allies were known as the fallen Kitsune.

Now children I speak this story to tell you of the past.
Its tale is not meant to leave you all aghast.
But rather know that the day will come when they’ll return.
A child of the fox will bring new era in turn.

Their allies will redeem them of their fallen time.
The kitsune will sing a day with a new rhyme.
The woes they will all falter, shatter, and cease.
For the child of the fox shall bring a new found peace."

December 10 (6 days ago)
Zidane listens with envy: you people sure can perform, this is good for morale at least! a little hope after hearing the bad news all arround

December 10 (5 days ago)
Tondir falls asleep thinking about all the problems and music filling his ears. As he wakes he grabs the orc horn and starts drawing in the dirt thinking of a plan to lead the orcs into the hell hounds with the horn.

December 11 (5 days ago)
Maldio shakes his head atop the parapet as his guildmates and the mad dwarf rappel down the cliff to the cave openings. “The orcs and demons are battling it out as we speak! Now is not the time to explore random caves!” He grumbles as they continue their way down and considers heading back to the fort and rejoining the others in case the plan goes wrong and they have fight off the combined forces. He turns and takes a few steps toward the door, then stops and sighs loudly… “Fools’ll get themselves killed…” He heads down to the bridge and tries to convince them of reason, or at least keep them alive.

December 11 (5 days ago)
Mauk talks to Kal about the history of the party and what has happened lately and says “As soon as we figure out what these caves are we might as well go back and get your friends it sounds like this might be what a few of you were looking for eh.” after hearing what happened to Ulrics axe he offers to make him a new one if he finds a forge and some metal.

December 12 (3 days ago)
As soon as Fraus led the orcs out of sight, Eyrella gave the all clear. “We have to prepare our defenses. Walls are a wonderful thing if you can use them for cover. Right now, we can’t. We need to get every able body to building earth embankments against the wall to stand on. They need to be high enough for us to shoot over the wall and they need to be spread out. We start with a few positions on the north wall, then add a couple to the west wall. We also need some eyes pointed down the river. We don’t want to be caught by surprise.”

December 12 (3 days ago)
Huldur: “I’ll volunteer for look out. Sadly my glaive can only reach so far… Though if they get near, it will sing a song to make the bards jealous!”

December 13 (3 days ago)
Harag is very happy to be back with his friends and not lost. He did not like being lost at all. He is like a child with a new toy showing off his dead orc captain to everyone and is seeing if anyone can actually tell him what the orc captain has that he can keep as a trophy.(i.e. if there is anything magic or good quality on the dead orc) Harag starts acting like the orc captain now thinking he assumed the new position after defeating the prior captain. “You orcs come back here now I command you to let us finish killing you!”

League of Seven Ideals - Balgrimvar
Curious News and a Venturesome Journey

The mists of a late summer rain fill the valleys of the great basin of the river Tirguin, at the place where it falls heavily from the Daltorathion plains and fills the bay that holds the final refuge of civilization. Like a mother cradling her children, the great iron gates jut from the cliff-sides and encircle the still waters fed eagerly by the crashing flows from the waterfall by the great tower. You can see the last of the farmers in the fields by the ships pulling together their tools for their daily oiling. A few young dwarves jostle on the cliff-side path across the harbor, their hearty laughs carrying even to your ears. How long ago has it been since you felt that free, even in this haven of stone.

The charcoal smell of a great fire behind you awakens you to the present. A nudge on the shoulder from one of your guildmates, and you quickly turn to the growing voices assembling in the tower great hall. “Come on.” he says. “I want to get up front for this.”

You politely push your way through a growing crowd, the center of which surrounds a festive core of musicians and dancers by the fire. You recognize Kal and Jaris from your own guild, but they are oblivious to all but the make-do song they are constructing out of whole cloth. Something about zombies and fire.

“We’ll kill you once, we’ll kill you twice, as many times as it takes…” Kal’s voice trails off as the musicians shut down one by one. The last strains of Jaris’ fiddle are overcome by the metallic whirring of the great elevator in the center of the tower and the sound of steam breaks from the depths below.

As the platform comes into view, the crowd opens up to reveal the riders. At the center stands Telesar the Magnificent, the supreme mage of the fortress and one of the greatest wizards to have ever lived. He is flanked by several of the great mages, the entire military council, and the leader of each of the adventuring guilds (Siradze representing yours), as well as the various members of the city council.

As the crowd quiets down, the head of the Champions of the Silver Star, Verance D’nouzin, speaks.

“Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the fine guilds of the fortress. We welcome you to the first all guild meeting in seven years.”

Various brusk guild chants echo in the crowd instinctively.

“I whole-heartedly wish I could speak to you of good fortune and of victories won. But, alas, I cannot. We come to you tonight with heavy news. We bear you the combined reports of a hundred missions into the wilderness, and what our estimate of our destiny (as it stands) is. Among our forays to find even the simplest of needed goods from our ancestors tombs, we have discovered the following two undeniable truths. First, the foul races have begun to run out of food due to their voracious propensity to breed. Our current count places their numbers at over one hundred million. That is ten times our count even at the peak of our civilization a thousand years ago, and certainly larger than the eight thousand of us that remain. Yet, despite their overwhelming numbers, they have not yet figured out how to cooperate or innovate as we had to and thus they starve daily, or worse yet, fight among themselves to devour their own kind. Over the past months, however, we have discovered a new tactic, in which they have turned to the necromantic arts to preserve the fighting spirit of their vile nature, while eliminating the need to provide supplies or any form of comfort to their wicked victims. Now, if this was our only worry, fine. We would just char every last one of them, as many of you were tasked to do just this past month.”

FIREBEADS!” someone in the crowd drunkenly shouts out.

“But there is a much greater concern … Telesar?” D’nouzin asks hesitantly.

The great mage steps forward and surveys the vast crowd. He smiles slightly. “I have rather unfortunate news for us all.” He begins weakly, his voice trembling under his centuries of age. He pauses to the unsure look of the crowd, waves his hand to his face and mutters a few broken sounds.

“I say, I have rather unfortunate news for us all.” His voice rings out clear and strong, twice the volume of the powerful captain who preceded him. “My colleagues and I in the Mage guild have been studying this for the past few years and we can simply come to no other conclusion.” He pauses.

“Magic is dying.”

The crowd silences completely as the words echo vaguely in the domed hall.

“As a matter of illustration, notice the marks on the front door of the Wizard’s Tower.” A glamer of the door appears in bluish haze in front of him. He continues. “They have been a harbinger for those of us in the know for many years now. The mark on the top is the maximum height of a wall of fire as cast by myself several years ago. The successive marks below show the decrease in the power of the spell in six month increments. As you can plainly see the decrease is not only obvious, it is ever growing. In perhaps a year’s time even a lowly goblin will be able to easily vault our magical fires.”

The crowd murmurs slightly, as the arcane in the group feel the blood drain slightly from their faces.

“And its not just the evocations, all of the schools have been affected, though some to a much lesser degree. But the end result will be the same. Within a year’s time, if not sooner, our current magical defenses will begin to fail. And these walls, while strong, will not be high enough to keep out a hundred million foes.” Telesar pauses and searches his vast mind for something uplifting to say but fails, and only Verance’s hand on his cloaked chest calms him and he steps back into his circle of advisers with a shrug of his feeble shoulders.

“While this news is bleak, my friends,” Verance says confidently. “I want to stress that we have not shared this news with you to frighten or dismay you, but rather as a call to arms. The fortress has planned carefully for the past few months and we have decided that we will make a huge push into lands for adventures that we have not yet dared to attempt. Your guild leaders will share with you the details of our plans, and your involvement in them.”

“This year shall be the defining one of our struggle. We will not go silently in the fight. Like the mighty Tirguin, we will last forever!”

You hear the cry repeat itself over the din of the rapidly growing voices of the assembled guilds. What was stunned silence had turned into a frenzy of hurried conversations as guilds coalesced around their leaders, each taking shape by design at different places in the great hall.

“League!” Dyson shouts again. You finally see him standing upon a dining table near the grand entrance to the Wizard’s Tower. The majority of the League has taken places around him, most talking feverishly among themselves. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Siradze passing through the crowds, easily parting the throngs of stunned soldiers and farmers with his brisk gait.

When he arrives Dyson steps down and Siradze quickly replaces him. He stares at you with a challenging face unlike you have ever seen.

“I am certain you are all surprised by what we have just been told. I ask you all to keep a brave demeanor. We are surrounded by the eyes of the fortress. No doubt, as word of this spreads on this day and the next, many will be tempted to lose faith, to lose hope. Your friends, your loved ones. You must fill that void. You are the hope of civilization now. Our time has come, but now we know it is a fragile bargain. The fate of the world will be written in the coming year, and it is you who will turn that page.”

Siradze paces steadily to let that sink in, and your gaze goes across the hall, where each of the other guilds receive their leaders as well.

“I have asked Dyson to let you know to get ready for a trek into the wilderness. Make haste on those preparations, we leave in three days. Make your peace with those who remain, for your return is not guaranteed. When we return to the guild hall, we will dispense with all that we can for the journey.”

“Where is our Guild going?” A voice shouts from behind you.

Siradze nods in agreement. “We are going into the ground. The lost Dwarven kingdom of Balgrimvar.”

Dreggar, for one, breaks into a slow satisfied smile.

Dyson pulls out a huge leather sheet and lays it across the table.


Huldur blinks several times, trying to understand the vast amount of information that has quickly swept over him. Failing magic? Ever swelling hordes? Normally this sort of news would bring a smug grin to his face, for a lack of magic has never prevented him from cutting down swaths of orcs and goblins and those putrid zombies. However, he considers, for perhaps the first time, what this means for the rest of the fortress. While he might enjoy the rush of turning a seemingly one-sided battle, many cannot say the same and few could stand with him without the aid of magic. He thinks of the friends he has made in the guild and his doddering old father, and vows to do what he must to strike back at the foul ones. Even if it means descending into depths of the earth… shudders It had to be caves…

Maldio feels a jolt throughout his body upon hearing the news. He can’t remember having any trouble with magic in the past few months, but it seems his relative lack of skill compared to the high mages would not be as affected. He joked about his recent “skill” with his staff and not needing his spellbook anymore, but this news fills him with dread that if nothing changes, it might become his (short-lived) reality. Before he spends too much time fretting, he stops and remembers why he joined the guild. His parents fought long and hard to protect the city and still many died over the years from attacks and missions; he swore to do his best to protect his guild-mates. He steels himself for the long journey ahead and hopes to find something to save them all. He also makes an effort to befriend the burlier members of the guild, should his magic prove ineffective…

Fraus looked a bit concerned. Not only for his own magic but for his own kin. They had never been physically strong and magic was their sole way of survival. He bit his lips as with doubt. He did have other objectives that needed to be met, including his own family and kin. He knew after this risky mission, he would have to leave to warn them.

Willy sits thoughtfully in the hall for several minutes, absorbing the news, then returns to his work of preparing for the trip. Now that he knows the journey will be underground, he can more effectively prepare. After sorting through the gear in his footlocker and packing what he suspects will be most useful underground, he pays a visit to the Drunken Dwarf to ask the bar staff if they’d be willing to introduce him to any dwarven trapsmiths they know, so he can pick up tips on the kinds of traps dwarves use. Anything that will help him provide better support to the expedition is worth trying at this point, even talking to strangers.

Sally looks around at all these … these … PEOPLE … and huddles in place while she tries to grasp what Telesar had said. The fire in her blood, the … the magic … is dying? Without it, how would the families out in the Fields survive? How could they grow the food the people in the Tower need, be safe from the monsters, even care for the sick and injured without it? As scary as all these crowds are, there is no way she can turn her back on the families she grew up with. She has to be a part of finding an answer, no matter what it takes. Going underground can’t be any scarier than the lower levels of the Tower, right? Maybe even less scary, since the only people will be the ones on the expedition, not all the crowds and crowds crammed into the city.

Fallion takes the news in stride. Their position has always been hopeless. What is one more stone on the mountain- even if the stone is a boulder? When you are backed into a corner, you fight. It doesn’t matter if you are likely to win- you fight. You hope that you will come thru the other side, but as long as you are fighting- you keep living.

Given the dangerousness of their endeavors, the Wizard’s Guild does not believe that the generous donation of wand wood should be utilized to reimburse or provide adventurers with trinkets for their further exploits.

Gamble searches for someone in town to share his vision with, but all of the usual suspects are a dead end. No one recogizes the mountains he speaks of. Perhaps it was a cruel trick by the scope, or maybe it was just defective. His search will continue on, though.

As far as guild rogues go: Askir is the poison master and sneak. Dalcyx is the two-weapon specialist, and Naerena is the acrobat and trapsmith with a peculiar fondness for gemstones.

On Saturday, Siradze and Dyson gather Kal and others to the guild hall to discuss the adamantine cylinder.

“We have been informed that the mission to secure the cylinder and bring it overland to Tirg-Ath-Anon will be conducted by a rare joint mission of the adventuring guilds. The City Council has decided that due to the extreme urgency of success for this mission, we will send only the guild officers to accomplish it.” Siradze says with a frown. “I know you had your heart set on this, Kal. But these are our orders. Now don’t worry, our guild will be well rewarded if this thing is as big as you say it is. We are set to leave as soon as we can fashion a wagon capable of carrying something this massive.”

You hear strange shouts from beyond the guild windows deep in the night. Awakening slowly, you move to the front door, a few adventurers bustle in the walkway to the main tower.

“What’s going on?” you ask, eyes still heavy from sleep.

“They are back. With the cylinder! The city gates open for them now.”

Sure enough, the band of guild leaders return and within the hour, the huge adamantine cylinder is pulled by a dozen horses into the dining hall under the main tower. Several dwarves from the night shift of the forges below gather around it, wondering if it will collapse the elevator.

Zharg releases the reins of the horse he was guiding, and waves happily at you and his other guild mates who have gathered as the sun begins to peek under the archways of the tower plaza.

“Enough of that then. I’m so hungry I would have eaten one of those horses if we did not need every last one of them to pull this damned rock.” Zharg says as he meets with a still bedraggled Dyson. They shake hands heartily. Small crowds gather around the cylinder to awe at its size and heft.

“And what of the journey?” Dyson asks.

“Not well.” Zharg says, collecting his weapons and pack from a member of the Death Vow Defenders. “We lost three men. All from the Star. Ambushed by a column of orcs.”


“They march on us, Dyson.” Zharg continues. “I believe they wish to siege us again.”

The dwarves begin to position the cylinder on the elevator. Forge-master Gravehk arrives from the city, still in bed clothes, to oversee the descent into the forges.

“Well, get your rest Zharg.” Dyson whispers. “We leave for the depths of Balgrimvar tomorrow.”

Zharg rubs his shoulder and sighs a heavy laugh.

The Journey Day begins with a sullen rain. Although it hampers preparations slightly, it doesn’t slow the growing sense of anticipation. You wander to the front gates of the city when the rain pauses and see the huge array of carts and wagons assembled. By your count at least thirty of various shapes and sizes, some ornate and covered, probably of elvish heritage, other plain as plywood roped on unsteady axles. Lackeys attend the dozens of horses assigned for duty and townsfolk prepare the carts with hardy foodstuffs and casks of honey-mead.

You can see they are arranged in five general lines, no doubt one for each of the guilds and their unique destinations. Of course the League will head into the depths of Balgrimvar, but you have also gathered other destinations as well. The Wanderers are set for the Forests of Desiria, where not even elves have not stepped foot for a millennia. The Champions are tasked with reentering the gates of the City of Vahr, once the greatest metropolis of the civilized world and the first to succumb to the vile hordes. Elocuer’s Heroes will be going underground as well, to make contact with the Dwarves of Thrakhor. Only the destination for the Death Vow Defenders remains a mystery, as no one from their guild will speak of their mission. Perhaps that is for the best.

It is nearly mid-day as the horn sounds for the assembly to commence. You and your guild mates secure your final items and trunks close for the last time in the bunk halls. As the last few guilders exit the door, Dyson make one final look inside and then closes the front door. For the first time in as long as you can remember, he locks it with a skeleton key and places it in his belt pouch.

“Time to go.” he says with a nod.

The sounds of Jaris’ fiddle and Theriam’s harp fill the air with a somber tune. Kal fills in the song with a recitation of the guild’s code of honor set hastily to the tune.

As a group, you march across the bridge from the main tower to the town proper and see the vast crowds gathering at the gate. Siradze leads your guild clad in his full plate and flowing purple cape. Ellie marches in her plate as well, while bearing the guild’s standard high above her, and it sticks noticeably to the black-wood pole in the humid air. As you enter the field just inside the gate, the crowds of thousands burst into cheers at the latest march of heroes. You are the last guild to arrive.

High on a grand stand, the High Wizards and council members applaud your arrival. Remarkably, none step forward to speak. The time for that is past. Every last citizen who stands now to see you off, from the brave older men who once stood in your place, to the weeping mothers and sisters, and even the children clutching their parents legs, knows what this day means.

You notice Gravehk and several of his forge-mates sitting on a rocky incline by the tower bridge behind you. He nods knowingly to your guild. “Double-time for us, mates. We’ll have your weapons and armor ready for you when you return. Fare well!”

So you gather near your caravan, a few of you receiving the hopeful kisses of strangers and old friends alike. A column of town mages gather at the front gate, staves in hand and determined looks on their faces. Telesar stands at their forefront, clad in a boiled leather jerkin that overwhelms his aged frame. Slowly the front gates grind open. The crowd grows silent. The music ceases, save for a steady drumbeat from the bards of the Death Vow.

The mages lead and one by one the caravans groan forward. The League will bring up the rear it seems. Once the gate is cleared, the doors begin to shut and even the drums pause to hear the final thuds as the cross-bars fall into place, sealing you out.

There is an uneasy beat as the caravans clack against the cobbled road that leads towards the main High Road a mile distant. Within a few hundred yards a few bands of orcs and goblins peer at you from behind large stones and small bushes. The sheer size of the caravan and the number of deployed fire-sticks are enough to prevent them from rushing you and it takes some resolve from you to resist breaking for them as well.

Within an hour or so, you make it to the crossroads, and watch as the guild leaders meet to wish each other a safe journey to the lost kingdoms and to an even better conclusion. As the noon day sun beats the humid air around you and the marsh insects begin the gather in excited swarms by your carts, the guilds drift apart and each takes a different road towards the same goal, hopeful that they will find what they need before time runs out.

The sun sets on the guild’s encampment at the top of the cliff. The news of Fallion’s death has cast a pall on the entire group. Veterans and greens alike share stories of his deeds, and many a skin are raised to his passing. Deep beneath the ground, the guild leaders debate on what to do at the door. It has not been opened yet. They have discovered that it is no ordinary door, it has been constructed as a gateway to magically reach any of the Kingdoms entrances.

Realizing that time is crucial, they opt to enter the Kingdom at its northernmost gate, for this would be likeliest to have not fallen to the evil hordes so many years ago. If there is a safe passage to the heart of the Kingdom, and the goal of this grand mission, this is the safest path, they reason.

The guild will enter in the morning. Dyson climbs the ladder to inform the weary dozens above.

By the time you reach your position on the ground at the base of the ladder, the doors that barred your entry for the better part of a day stand wide open. Aeonge kneels before one of them, her outstretched leg and back holding it open as she balances herself with her iridescent pearl longbow readied for attack. Dyson props the other, dual swords in hand, as he barks at each of you to enter quickly.

“We must hurry and set up a new camp in here, there is no telling how long this door can remain open.” He says.

Ahead of you a short tunnel feeds into a huge deep grey stone chamber. Dwarven runes fill the walls in vertical columns and the ceiling grows to a 50 foot height. Nearly thirty of your guild mates already occupy the vast hall and as you enter, the familiar smell of cedar fills your nose. A giant iron gate stands to your left, with turreted battlements lining the inside of the cavern. Beyond it, the tips of treetops can be seen and the late autumn sun begins to touch them with light.

The majority of the guild encircles Siradze, Keriassa, and Askir, who stand above the leather map in the center of the chamber and discuss the next move.

Dreggar and three other dwarves stand alone to your right, gazing in wonder at the obsidian archway that surrounds the great passage into the heart of the mountain. To them it is obvious what the first move is.

One by one the adventuring parties returned to the base camp. Each showed the weariness of their endeavors, some worse than others. Aeonge tends to a young recruit, who lies motionless in the corner of the vaulted hall. Dyson and Siradze sit cross-legged in the center of the hall, map at their feet, small pebbles mark the extent of the day’s forays. A small pile of found items lie next to them. Keriassa and Seriea poke through them curiously. Thereiam eyes the Rhomke axe with great wonder.

Dreggar ambles up to you, boots off, his bandaged feet shuffling against the dirty flagstones. “Any stories to tell, my friend?”

Before long, the newly explored caverns and passages are categorized and the guild leaders determine the next course of action. You overhear that most of the passageways to the west and south have been blocked, either by cave-in or magical means. A nest of engorged rust monsters inhabits the fiery innards of the mountains in the caverns below. A vein of pure silver flows deep in the mountain. Bands of roaming monsters search the caverns closest to the surface.

From the sound of it, the guild will be moving south and try to open a great door tomorrow.

As you fall to sleep, a curious rumbling from below shakes the flagstones under your bedding. It lasts a full minute.

“No need to worry, even mountains have trouble sleeping from time to time.” Dreggar remarks, eyes still shut.

The entire guild moves forward in the morning. At least you think it is morning, no one having seen the daylight for almost two weeks. You trace your way down a darkened hall that grows wider as you progress into the heart of the mountain. Intricate carvings line the walls and tell the stories of great battles of ancient dwarven kings. Along the way, the rumblings from below grow louder and more frequent.

When at last you reached the great doorway, the group’s rogues and wizards ponder its construction. Within an hour, Keriassa figures out the spells that protect it from harm, and the rogues set forth to deactivate the mechanical traps and unlock its complicated set of tumblers.

Dreggar and Zharg struggle to pull the massive stone doors open.

Before you lays a great stone hall, with massive columns holding the ceiling some forty feet high. The bodies of ancient dwarves litter the floor.

Several columns of dwarf-like creatures, with grey mottled skin and silvershone eyes, stand guard along the walls down the length of the chamber. A lone commander stands but twenty feet away, a shining greataxe hanging low against his muscled frame.

At the far end of the chamber, revealed by the flicker of the torchlights set into the walls, sits a huge red dragon, a satisfied smile across her face as smoke whispers from the corners of her mouth.

The commander speaks.

“We have been waiting for you.”

Dyson turns instinctively towards you. His eyes dart between you and those around you.

“This could get very ugly. If things start to turn for the worse, you all need to gather the new recruits and get them to safety. None of you are prepared to face a dragon yet.”

He scans the room, as Siradze and the other leaders cautiously enter.

“There, to the right, a hall. Take them there. We will meet up again as soon as we can.”

Kal’s face darkens as he sees the red dragon. Out of all chromatic dragons, the red dragons were easily the toughest, the cruelest, and the most easily offended. Kal knew his limits. In the last few months he had fought Wargs, Zombies, Hellhounds, Minotaurs, Trolls, even a Bulette without the slightest hesitation. But before him lies a gauntlet the likes of which he has never seen. A chill creeps up his spine as he realizes that the guild might not survive. He pushes down his fear and nods. “Understood.”

(In addition to Eryelle, your group is now in charge of nine other guild-members per Dyson’s instructions. All (save for Eryelle) were recruited within a few weeks of the Journey Day.

They are:

Rija – female elven ranger (archer)
Thyan – elven wizard (evocation school)
Dantregin- halfling rogue
Dieldral – halfling rogue
Rommara – female human sorcerer (serpentine bloodline)
Dukraes – human fighter (scimitar and shield)
Jirsa – female half-elf ranger (dual shortswords)
Nargric – dwarven barbarian (dual dwarven axes)
Anvor – human fighter (greatsword)

Dantregin and Dieldral are twin brothers.)

Harag awoke with a start. The metallic taste of blood mixed with the wetness of sweat on his face. He wiped his eyes and realized it was not sweat, but was heavy and viscous. Instinctively, he rolled over into a crouch, and his eyes blurred and focused on the drips of blood from the tip of his nose. But he felt no pain. Then, as his eyes and ears fully awoke, he could see bodies next to him, throats cut from ear to ear. Out of the corner of his eye, a Duergar blinked out of view.

Wait. Rahl said we could trust these dwarves, that we had reached a “con cord” with them. What was happening?

Without hesitation, Harag scrambled for his sword and chain shirt next to him. He threw on his special boots as well. As he searched for his hammer in the near darkness, the shouts and screams began. Familiar voices and names sung as the battle was truly joined. The flash of magic missiles lit up the arena long enough to illuminate his hammer and with an acrobatic roll he reached it. Now these bad dwarves will pay, he thought. He summoned all the anger of this betrayal, and swung his hammer in a great arc around him. Two dwarves blinked into existence as the hammer struck hard. One was nearly instantly taken down by a flaming strike from Thyan, and the other by Harag’s next blow.

“Come with me, League!” Rahl exclaimed from the darkness " We have breached the gate! I will hold the door!"

The sounds of battle moved distinctly to the south of the arena, and the blasts of flame and force once again illuminated the gaping hole in the arena gate. Harag continued to hold his position as Duergar blinked in and began to surround him. He slipped in a pool of blood and nearly stumbled over Flinne’s lifeless body but stray arrows from the north harassed his pursuers enough to give him time to move. He needed to make it to that gate and rejoin his friends.

The Duergar numbers swelled around him, and he now realized he was the only guild member left in the arena proper. Only Rahl, Rulstin, and Mindel stood at the breached gate, fending off the advancing Duergar horde. Mindel retreated into the large common room behind, unleashing several dangerous volleys as he left. The two melee fighters closed ranks together, but the shear number of slashes and pummels forced them out of the arena and into the darkness beyond. As they departed, an axe struck solidly into Harag’s back and he realized his own predicament once again.

Fearing this turn of events, Harag made an decisive choice. He swung his hammer in another great arc and cleared space by sheer will and might. With a loud cry, he raced forward towards the gate and sprung from the ground in a high arc. Clearing the first few rows of Duergar with ease, he landed solidly on the backs and helms of two more rows, bringing them to the ground. He found himself in the common room with a more dispersed set of foes and huge granite columns rising from the stone floor to the ceiling high above. His friends could not be seen or heard now.

Switching to his bastard sword, he fought through several more Duergar and then spied an exit hall atop a stone platform.

“I sure hope they went this way” he thought as he raced for the stone ledge, quickly outpacing his foes. The weariness of battle began to set in as he climbed it, but he knew he could not rest yet. Not until he found his friends once again. He drank one of his three potions as he clamored down the hall at near full speed. Surely he would have passed them by now. Harag hated being lost.

(For the four new players: Regardless of your individual back-stories within the fortress, you have ultimately found yourself as newish members of the famed adventuring guild known as Elocuer’s Heroes. You have been underground for nearly a month searching for the remains of the Kingdom of the Dwarves of Thrakhor to seek aid or supplies for protecting Tirg-Ath-Anon, when a series of dire events have forced you to retreat in haste, and that is where we will begin on Tuesday.)

As the heat from the vicious hell hounds dissipates into the stagnant air near the murky green river, the group quickly switches into recovery and scouting mode. The five bodies of the former Elocuer’s Heroes are brought carefully into the stone bastion and laid to rest on the dusty floor.

“Treat them with honor, for they died as you just might have.” Tondir speaks, before leaving to scout.

The area is now quickly secured, and the enclosure across the river seems to be the likely way forward. Ten foot granite walls rise from the river’s edge and partially obscure the four twenty foot high dwarven statues that guard its perimeter. Near the back of the enclosure, set deep in the cavern wall lies a carved fascade of tumbling dwarves around a ten foot wide set of doors.

Far in the distance, down the eastern hall, the strangely winsome howl of hounds echoes again.

Sally’s eyes open to the cramped granite walls. Floor to ceiling arrow coves rise to either side of her. A dwarf lies to her left, drinking grimly from his waterskin and staring blankly ahead. Another figure lays to her right on the ground, only a slight cough indicates its health. Maldio paces the floor, contemplating the next move for the guild when he catches her gaze.

“Ah, Sally, you have rejoined us. We were very worried about you.” Maldio says.

“Sally? Is that my name?” she wonders out loud. “Where am I? Who are you?”

“There is an old elvish diction…” Telesar begins, his eyes widening to the seascape out the window. “The tightly woven threads of past deeds unravel as the tangled threads of the unforeseen future. But where they meet lies the tool that shapes the cloth forever on.”

He turns back to the two of you.

“Our news from the expeditions is very grim. Guilds have been sundered. Many have perished. Where hundreds have ventured forth, I fear dozens shall return. Perhaps we have failed to find hope among the ruins.”

“The host of evil has grown larger by the day outside our walls. I fear that they sense our growing weakness, that their time to strike has come.”

“Even though it may present great danger to the Refuge, I believe we have no other choice than to rebuild the teleportation circles to connect you back to the Dwarf-holds. You must go back and find and rally your allies. Bring everyone back to Tirg-Ath-Anon.”

Telesar’s lips tighten in grim smile.

“Welcome back to the fortress for now, I suppose. Now let’s weave some cloth.”

He turns from you and the lesser wizards follow suit.

Huldur and Gallus stand guard over the teleportation circles in Thrakhor, each readied in case they spring to life again. From what they know of their operation, only their comrades should be coming back through, but stranger things have happened.

After an hour, Huldur can’t resist. He wants to see Tirg-Ath-Anon again. Gallus concedes, and the two of them take their place at the proper rune location to activate the circles. But as Huldur step his foot over the rune, nothing happens. No purple glow, or anything. He steps on the rune hard to make sure, but again, no change.

This cannot be good, he thinks.
Ish and Roland are disappointed as they exit the Wizard’s tower and enter the great hall under the tower.

“I can’t believe it will take weeks for him to recreate the circles.”

“I know, but all the better to have Telesar do a perfect job, since we are the ones that have to go back through first.”

The two head through the desolate hall, uninhabited for several months now since the Journey Day. Nothing sounds better to them than catching a proper meal at the The Long Respite.

As they head for the tower gate, they catch the image of the League’s guildhall under the archway. With a nod, they change direction and walk towards their forsaken home.

Two small boys are play fighting near the fountain. They can’t be more than five years. When they see the two heroes approach, they stumble to the ground. Their eyes widen.

“That’s Ishmay. See his sword.” One whispers to the other.

“Who is the other one, is it Jawetti?”

The taller boy stands up. “No, I think I know who it is. No, wait.”

He steps forwards and speaks louder. “Ah you Fowian or Wolan?”

The other boy stands up and strikes out at the air. “We want to be monks just like you when we gwo up.”

The thought touches you, and you smile until you see it.

Each of the boys have something around their necks, hanging on a chain, that you have not seen before on civilians. A small glass vial with a greenish liquid inside.

League of Seven Ideals - Initial Missions
Weeks 1-15

Week 1 -

As the spell completes your journey home, your eyes open from the brief pressure that feels much like your head being forced under water. All of you have returned back to the open area near the well in front of the Guild. Dyson is leaning against the front wall, talking to Dreggar the dwarven warrior. He cuts his conversation in mid-sentence and scrambles over to you as you begin to sit up among the swollen bags and trophies you have returned with.

“Is everyone alright, shall I summon the healer?” He asks, eyes darting between each of you.

“Actually,” Jaris mutters. “I don’t believe we were even hit…” He follows with a stifled laugh.

“I see.” Dyson smiles, throwing a curious glance at the giant mandible and lizard man carcass littering the courtyard.

“Well, I do have some good news for you, then.” he says loudly over the scraping of metal plates and clanging of tools rearranged in their bags as the group stands up. “Come and see.”

Several other guildmembers, and those of the other guilds, gather at the sight as you drag your bounty into the front room of the guild.

“Well done. Leave it there.” Dyson remarks. “We’ll sort that out later.”

He gestures to the tables in front of you. “Welcome to the guild.”

You each find a masterwork version of your primary weapon with a guild insignia on its hilt or handle.

“Now eat your fill and get your deserved rest. I’ll let Sirazde know that everything went…well, perfectly.”

Week 4 -

Within moments of your arrival, some members of the rival guild Champions of the Silver Star rush to your location and help bring Olaf’s body to your guild hall entrance. The door opens and Askir stands before you.

“Oh, what has happened?” He says with a pained expression that suggests he knows the answer full well. He scans the courtyard. “The others have not arrived back either. I fear this may be a dark day for us.”

He exhales deeply. “Bring him inside.”

“Is there nothing we can do for him?” Zeit asks.

“Lay him to rest,” Askir shakes his head. “as a warrior deserves. He died in battle, I presume.”

“Of course,” Zeit interjects. “Taking on a dozen orcs.”

“I tried to warn him to measure himself”." Askir mumbles as he bows his head. Slowly, his gaze returns upwards as he realizes there are two new figures in his midst. His body stiffens unconsciously.

“Who are they?”

“We wish to join…” comes the reply.

With a solemn march down the narrow footpath that lines the fractured white cliffs that support the great walls and towers of Tirg-Ath-Anon, the entirety of the five raiding guilds, unfortunately led by the tilted banner of the League of Seven Ideals, makes its way past the crudely cut dwarven doorways and hobbit holes that pocket the cliff walls facing the darkened harbor. Three patrol ships, hewn from alabaster wood, tread broadside in the shallow current, their tattered banners hanging mid-mast.

The procession finally reaches the desolate shoreline just next to the huge frame of the Gallant which is nearing completion in dry-dock. Workers on the massive ship and farmers in the nearby fields lay down their tools carefully and approach at a respectful distance.

The bodies of the five fallen heroes are brought to the water’s edge and carefully placed on their own raft pyres. A small rabbit struggles slightly in Dyson’s arms as the tow lines are tightened from the lead patrol ship and the rafts are slowly tugged out to the sea gates. With a mighty steam whoosh, the gates creak open and the harbor is filled with the warm sunlight of another day’s dawn.

Small fires ignite on each raft, as the bodies are slowly pulled for the last time beyond the gates of the fortress.

Siradze speaks, his strong voice humbled with emotion.

“It is again this day. This terrible day that we have come to witness all too often. Four more have laid down their honor for this place. This blessed and cursed place. And so we gift their bodies back to this world. As they should be entombed not in this place that has surrounded them from their very birth, but in the great endless sea that represents the very freedom that we all fight for, and will die for, one day.”

Horns on the cliff sound four sharp blasts, and the gates close once again.

A lone fiddle plays a mournful tune, as the guilds make their way back up the steep path to the fortress, to face another day.

Week 6 -

A few of the party members are still reeling from the effects of the sleep spell as you sit up next to the transport stone. Huldur groans, covered almost completely with blood (his and theirs), and smiles at the rest of you.

“Well that was close.”

Rahl helps the wounded Miro to his feet and thanks him for reciting the spell just in time.

A few members of rival guilds walk by you in the courtyard as you gingerly stand up and carry the transport stone inside the guild.

Dyson and Siradze sit at the closest table and look up as you enter the hall. The air is quiet enough to hear the drops of kobold blood drip from Huldur ’s scalemail onto the stone floor.

“Did everyone make it?” Siradze asks, eyeing each of you.

“Heh. Yeah, but there were a few more than fifteen, boss.”

Siradze sighs into his drink. “That has been happening frequently these days. We scout out two, and when we return the next day, there are six.” He turns to Dyson. “I’m afraid it is true.”

“What is true?” you ask.

Dyson casts a glance at Siradze, searching for approval, before he turns to you. “They are gathering against us. It’s only going to get worse.”
Dyson gathers you and lets you know that it is imperative that you return to the research hall from last week and delve further into the facility. The Wizard’s guild did not get all the information they expected from the materials you brought back. In addition to your normal gear, you will be loaned shovels and pickaxes in order to breach the cave-in that you couldn’t last time.

Week 7 -

Dyson gathers you all just after dinner. “We weren’t expecting to send you out tonight. We have a situation.” He says as his spreads out a crudely drawn map on the table next to used plates and mugs.

“We sent out a scouting party this morning to investigate a set of caves in the Anduran mountains. Bastian and Serbos led the group, I believe Abraham and Tylian were with them. They have not returned, we need you to go their location and figure out what went wrong.”

The map shows a path leading up a mountainside from a small village.

“You must go as soon as you are ready. Their lives may be in danger.”

“More dead?” Dyson hangs his head. “Everywhere we turn, the foul creatures outnumber us. Were there too many to risk a return mission? What became of the bloodstone and transport stone they took? We cannot allow that to fall into the wrong hands.”

Your group stares at one another, looking for a consensus.

When told of the overheard plans of attack, he nods. “We know, all signs point to invasion. Just last week, a surprising number of kobolds on our very doorstep nearly took poor Mindel from us. But how could they suddenly be so bold. They have tried for ages to scale these walls. They know it is a hopeless task. Do they wish to die?”

“I must tell Siradze. I must tell him we cannot keep risking the guild with these foolhardy missions into unknown hordes, or all of you will eventually suffer the same fate as Serbos and Bastian.”

The next morning, the following note is tacked to the door of each adventuring guild hall, including the League of Seven Ideals…

Tired of Seeing Your Companions Sacrificed to Satisfy the Whims of Your Guild Leader’s Greed?

Do Not Be the Next to Fall!


Fallion: search the bones

Rahl attempts to hide.

Fraus returns and shout out. “We need to get going now! Get what we can and get the stone ready.”

Fraus “Move fast. The two orcs can buy us a few minutes I hope.”

Fallion: just grab what you can and let’s RUN!

Huldur: grab what armor and weapon I can hold and grab the stone

Rahl follows Huldar’s actions doing the same.

Fallion: grabbing stuff

Fraus grabs some of the stuff too.

Miro retrieves his cat quickly. Everyone returns to the guild via teleport.

Huldur: “Wait, where are the people?”

Fraus sat down and rubbed his head. “They are already dead.”

Huldur: …. “Dammit!”

Fraus continued, “We took too long fighting.”

Fallion: “I guess the blood had to come from somewhere.”

Huldur: punches floor

Fraus “I wanted us to avoid fighting at all chance. Time was of the essence. That’s why I let that orc hit me. I needed an opening to charm him which you spoiled in your assault. I need to go tell one of the leaders about the impending attack and what I say.”

Week 8 -

Fraus mutters the final words of the incantation.

With a blink, the caves around you begin to swirl and disappear. You feel the familiar tug on your insides as the spell grips your very being. You instinctively close your eyes, eager to smell the familiar grass outside the guildhall once again.

But instead of the soft grass of the courtyard under your outstretched hands you feel the prickly combination of jagged stone and barbed vines. You open your eyes in the middle of a dark forest. Although a few glimpses of sunlight tells you it is daytime wherever you are, the dense overgrowth and smothering canopy hide you from it.

Your sudden arrival has startled the native dwellers of this place. The sounds and calls of a dozen different species echo around you, near and far.

Something tells you that you should tread very carefully in this strange land.

Week 9 -

The group returns (finally) later that night. Remarkably, they carry the bodies of their fallen comrades as well as much assorted loot. They are greeted by their resting guildmates as well those from several of the other rival guilds at the front door. The doors open quickly.

Dyson and Seriea step out from the guild hall. Dyson sees the fallen bodies. “Again, I see it is as I feared.”

Zeit moves forward with Serbos’ limp frame, dried strings of blood still encircling the stump of his neck. “He has died a hero to this fortress. He refused to let them find their way here. At the cost of his life and dignity. And his quick thinking has saved our lives as well.”

Seriea quickly loosens her cloak and covers the decapitation from view. “We will honor him as such.”

And three more boats are loosed in the harbor the next day.

When you return from the mission, the guild leaders are apparently having a meeting in the guild hall. Hesitant to disturb them, you open the front doors gingerly and avert your eyes slightly. Keriassa breaks off in mid-sentence and looks down. Dyson greets you and listens impatiently to your mission wrap-up. When you are finished, he welcomes you to the leftover food in the kitchen and tells you to return to your bunks and rest up.

There will be an all guild meeting tonight.

Week 10 -

Aeonge thanks you for the “nature hike”. She assures you the fortress will put the wood gathered to good use.

Within a week’s time, any guild member who uses a short or long bow will receive a new one, courtesy of the elvish archer/craftsman of the fortress. It should be considered a masterwork weapon (+1 to hit) and once per day it can be specially aimed as a standard action. By doing this, the archer can roll twice and use the higher roll as the actual to hit roll. Characters with rapid shot can still make their other attack as normal.

Week 11 –
Dyson pulls your group together the night before.

“The Wizard’s guild has analyzed the books you pulled from under that fire elemental shrine a few weeks ago and we’ve determined that there is likely still more to be learned. It turns out the wizards that you found dead in their lab were actually from an order that had its headquarters in a keep just off the coast of the sea no more than a twenty miles from Tirg-Ath-Anon.

So tomorrow we will arrange passage on board one of our ships. You can still take a transport stone and gem just in case, but we figured we would conserve it on the way out. We are starting to run low on the gems actually.

So search the keep for any more information or books and then head back. We’ve been hearing of foul activity in the area."

Week 12 -
Strangely, Seriea and Dyson are both present to deliver your next mission briefing. They talk nervously among themselves as you gather.

Dyson begins by letting you know that the guild has now determined the final destination for all of those orc and goblin corpses you had discovered in the caves of Mengorath. They are being shipped to a large barbarian tomb on the island of Trykhes, where necromantic rituals are turning them into zombies and worse. Before the process gets out of control, they are sending this group there to destroy the operation, as well as any entities now created.

Seriea carefully unveils several necklaces from within cloth sheets.

“These are firebeads, and I have constructed one necklace for each of you. When pulled off and thrown, they will be most useful in destroying large groups of the undead. However, they must be handled with extreme care, as a sudden thump may set them off and cause anyone near great harm. I would understand if you do not wish to endanger yourself with such a burden.”

Mindel takes one “No success with out sacrifice…”

“Wait, Mindel” Seria shrieks “If you remove a bead from the chain, you will only have a few moments until it detonates. You must keep it on the chain until you are ready to throw it. I don’t believe you will have time to fasten it to your arrow.”

Dyson and Sirazde are pleased to see you have returned in one piece, albeit a little late. Dyson smiles.

“We were starting to worry that you had succumbed to one of Seriea’s baubles.” Noting your rather bulky haul he adds “But I see it would have been worth it, either way.”

Seriea and Keriassa sit in the back of the guild dining hall with a hooded figure. The three of them finish their conversation and stand up to greet you. The mysterious stranger appears to be an old elf, clad in the robes of an elder mage, but his eyes lack the curious glimmer of elvish heritage. Instead they are pupil-less and solid grey.

“Everyone.” Keriassa speaks up as they approach “Please meet Gindareth. He will be gathering the powders and ingredients you no doubt have brought back for us today.” She smiles courteously towards you and then him. Gindareth remains perfectly still, save his daunting eyes that quickly dart across your faces.

“Oh,” Seriea adds, sensing the tension, “and if you have any remaining beads, I’d like them back, please.”

Week 13 -

Dyson meets with you and informs you the mission will be to a wizard’s tower that was mentioned in the books you brought back a few weeks ago. You are to investigate it and bring back any books or information you can find. There have been reports of heavy orc activity in the area, so be careful.

Gamble takes some time while they’ve got the Orcs charmed to ask them about the surrounding area. He gathers them around and with Fraus translating tells them to listen closely. He asks If they’ve seen anything large in the air or unnaturally large groups of buzzards, rooks, or Eagles. He also asks if they’ve sighted any large nests, adding that they would be made of whole tree trunks and perhaps some masonry.

Huldur lies against the tree, clutching the dagger wound and trying to fight off the poison. He asks them “Which appendage are you least fond of? I’ll be nice and start the removal process there….” He then asks Fraus to see if any of the orcs have an anti-toxin, and if not, whether anyone knows some good first aid. Or has some nice whiskey.

Ishimune asks them to describe, in depth, everything useful they know about the wizard’s tower, including its occupants, contents, and any possible reason for the large plume of smoke.

Flinne discretely searches the dead orcs for anything of value while the others are questioning the charmed orcs.

The orcs, when questioned, are able to tell you variations of the following:

We have not been up the mountain
We have seen no birds in the sky
Chief and Gurtlok went to tower to look for elf books
We told to guard this pass, other orc groups coming soon to get books for themselves, we ready to fight them
Gurtlok makes smoke from fire from his stick

Many of the other guild leaders are out on a mission themselves, so it is Askir that meets with you in the guildhall to hand you your new mission. He is picking his teeth with a dagger as you arrive, and he pushes his finished plate of bones away as you sit down.

“Greetings everyone, we have a real quick forage for you all tomorrow. He pulls out his map and lays it on the table in front of you. We need you to go to the Mandogar forest. He points to a spot on the map. We can drop you in here.”

He takes a quick drink of his mead.

“To the northwest, there was a forge-works there that we think may have been overlooked by the vile-folk. They have always been spooked by the nasty denizens of the forest. Great spiders and such. We believe there may still be ingots of fine metals or masterwork implements that our forges could use, still there for the taking. All of you fine, strong gentlemen should be able to bring back a heavy load. Any questions?”

Askir helps you bring the massive chest inside the guild hall. Dreggar and Zharg push their plates aside and clear a place at the table.

“There’s more outside, men. Help them with the ore.” Askir says as he eyes the outside of the gilded wooden box. Dreggar and Zharg nod, finishing the last bites of their meal as they walk to the door.

“We’ve had some injuries, you better get Aeonge.” Kal adds as Askir looks at Willy’s ravaged leather armor.

“I see.” Askir notes. “Do you want me to open this then, or do you need practice on magical locks.”

“Given the situation, my hands are a bit shaky, I think I’d like to just watch your skill at it. Perhaps I can learn something new.” Willy smiles.

“Fair enough.” Askir pulls some tools from his belt pouch and begins to carefully examine the mechanics of the lock and the rune inscribed upon it that reveals itself with a careful dusting of a deep grey powder from one of Askir’s pouches.

Aeonge arrives quickly and begins to tend the wounds of those injured. A pile of empty healing vials begins to stack upon the table as each of you discard your empties. “My gods, what did you face out there, a dragon?” She laughs as she stitches up Willy’s grievous wound.

Within 10 minutes, Askir breathes a sigh of relief. “There. It’s all yours. You are lucky you didn’t attempt this in the field. The results could have been very heated.”

Rahl brings a wooden bowl from the kitchen and sits in the back, soothing his fists in cold water as the rest of you gather around the chest.

Rulstin and Kal open the massive lid. The smell of fresh wood permeates the room. Inside, layered in several wraps of black cloth, lie masterwork forge implements, two rings, a set of iron bracers, a steel helm with an eagle emblem across the eyeguard, a shield with the same eagle crest, a broadsword, and two daggers. Written in common on the underside of the lid is the following:

“Here lies the accumulated wealth of the Mastersmith Karag. Let it be known for eternity that he would have fought valiantly against the vile creatures amassing in the woods around this great forge. But being a man of great intelligence as well as brawn, he also knew there was no hope for him or his. So he wishes to the almighty gods, wherever they are hiding, that these weapons and tools be used to protect the good that resides in the world. And to the vile creatures who may find this chest first, he hopes you enjoy the fires of justice.”

(There is always the possibility of trading items to other members of the guild (or anyone in the fortress, really) for something more beneficial. Just let me know of your intentions, secret or not.

One note, however, on magic from the point of view of the fortress. Remember most of its occupants (Fraus not withstanding) came to the fortress hundreds of years ago with whatever they could carry. Consumable magic (potions, wands, scrolls) were quickly used up in defense of the stronghold. It was very difficult to procure more material components to create new items, save what could be garnered by the adventuring guilds from their missions, and that is one of the main types of missions.

As for permanent magical items like rings and weapons, individuals who hold those would keep them close at hand, either out of a sense of history and family honor, or because they want to have them if and when the creatures start coming over the walls.

So there are very few magic items just floating around in the fortress, and it would very difficult (though not impossible) to ask a local mage to build an expensive item from scratch, as they are very busy with their day to day activities of manning the battlements and crafting scrolls for that use. Although they haven’t been mentioned much in game, there are frequent “firefights” from the fortress walls on almost a daily basis.

So, the easiest way to get a magic item in this campaign is to stumble across it in the field, but even that is “low” magic generally as the foul races have sacked most areas already. Somewhere in the main orc and goblin towns, there are probably huge stashes, I’m sure. Hopefully it won’t be used against you.

Not by coincidence, the two big hauls, so far, have been “hidden” chests that the vile races have overlooked in their stupidity: the Barbarian tomb and the Forgemaster’s stash.

Also, not that anyone has asked, but I won’t step in as DM to rule on who gets what, you can all arm-wrestle that one out.)

Week 14 -

Dyson greets you when you return to the guild. He is obviously pleased by the sheer number of tomes and pieces of magical equipment you have brought back, and especially curious about the large spyglass that Gamble and Ish carry between them.

“Very nice, so you were the first to the tower?” He asks, then notices Huldur and Fallion straining to get to their feet. “I guess not.”

Keriassa is quickly summoned, and she investigates the haul. “I suggest we take the spyglass to the Wizard’s Tower. I have no idea what it really is but it seems quite powerful indeed. Did anyone peer through it, yet?”

After sometime, you realize you have the following to split up, in additional to all the research tomes and magical equipment (which Keriassa would like to examine further).

Dyson infroms you today’s mission will be to investigate the abode of a dwarven forge-master who was mentioned in some of the writings from the forge-master Karag, whose forge you explored last week. Apparently, this dwarf was the original builder of that forge, and his residence may hold more clues that would be beneficial for the fortress and guild.

The sudden rush of the teleportation spell fades and you are left standing in front of the guild once again. In a flash, you realize the transport stone hangs in mid-air, and only the combined relexes of the five of you prevent it from crashing to the ground. In turn, you each express you own profound disappointment at this turn of events.

A few members of the other guilds in the courtyard stare in disbelief at your unusual arrival. Naerena stands guard at the front door. She laughs at your awkward fumbling. “Is everyone alright?”

“Nary a scratch…” Kal says, staring at the void separating you. “Dammit.” He mutters under his breath. He places his arm of the transport stone to the ground and moves to the door. He yells into the guild hall. “I need another stone! Adamantium is at stake!”

“What?” Naerena says increduously to the rest of you as he rushes past her.

(Harag pauses to contemplate what a narryah scratch is and wonders if he has been poisoned by the rakes on his back. He will ask Aeonge.)

The rest of the group drags their heavy sacks and backpacks into the guildhall. Within minutes, many of the guild leaders and a few curious others have filled the dining hall.

After explaining the mission and the curious find, Kal pleads with them to send them back with a way to transport the cylinder here.

Keriassa shakes her head. “If this thing is as large as you have described, I’m afraid even the mighty Telesar wouldn’t be able to teleport it back here.” Her voice trails off “Not now.”

Dreggar’s dwarvish eyes flash with excitement. “We can’t just leave it out there. Can you imagine what we could make with all that?”

“Agreed.” Siradze stands up. “I will let the town council know about this. If we can’t teleport it home, we can surely carry it. We will do what is best for the fortress.”

As the group begins to disperse with quick whispers, Siradze approaches Kal and the group. “And don’t worry, no need to charm me, you will all be rewarded for this valor. I will see to that.”

Week 15 –
After hearing of your exploits, and the strange, new creatures found harboring in the wilderness, Dyson draws a deep breath.

“Hmmm, I wonder if this is all connected. I just finished speaking with Siradze before you left. He said we had better be ready to move on an overland journey next week. He said it should be a two week trip to where we are going. Pack anything we might need, he said. It will be a while before we make it back here.”

“Who is going?” you ask.

“I think we all are.” Dyson says with a shrug. “There is an all-guild meeting this Saturday. Some big announcement.”

League of Seven Ideals - Prequel
Previous campaign start

Session 1 – Party gathers at front door of LOSI Guildhall. Meet several members of the guild, including Dyson and Sirazde. As they are waiting for first mission, a guild member bursts in and informs leaders that one of guild’s groups is lost on mission and haven’t returned in three days. Party volunteers to investigate. They are sent out the next day.

They arrive at location and see building and tower ahead surrounded by bats. Ignoring a large spider web in the forest nearby, they approach the building and notice a goblin sleeping outside. They dispatch him and enter a tunnel below the ruined tower. Exploring the caverns below, they decimate several goblins and orcs, and a boar. They navigate some traps and find a room with a teleport marking on the ground and warnings in goblin. Eventually they traverse a strange electrical trap and discover that the whole ordeal was a test by the Guild to determine their worthiness for actual missions.

Session 2 – The party, joined by new faces, decides to head to the Long Respite for food and drink. While there, they challenge Stormcloud Wanderers to arm wrestle and win handily. The other guild leaves hastily but ambushes them on the way home. After a brief, non lethal battle, the city guard pulls Latmia and SW leader to talk to the Shift Drega in the tower. The next day, Sirazde informs the party that they must travel on mission with SW guild to investigate a flurry of activity in the Xeandia Wastelands.

Tasked with eliminating resistance in a watchtower so that SW can safely spy on main camp, the party approaches the tower and climbs to top and enters through battlements. Before long they are discovered by one of the guards and they proceed down the heart of the tower to attack. After a pitched battle with a large group of orcs, whose leader escapes into the tunnels below, the party travels underneath the tower to a large lava flow. There they are met by three passive fire elementals who follow them to a large iron golem in progress. The party eventually find and defeat the orc leader, who carries a strange amulet that shatters as he dies. The elementals are released and the party finishes destroying the incomplete iron golems and looting the fortress for weapons and supplies. Returning with a golem hand as a souvenir, the party reports their findings and waits for their next mission.

Session 3 – The party awakens the next morning to the feeling that something is different at the guild house. They quickly discover that a massive operation is being planned that will involve all the major guilds. The group is tasked with neutralizing a graveyard south of the tower they invaded last week. When they arrive, they hear the sounds of battle erupt behind them as the main task force begins its assault on the main orc encampment. The party moves forward and discovers a large graveyard and a small stable. Investigating the area around the building they discover a cage with defenseless orcs, some young or decrepit. After discovering two large holes in the front of the building by the doors, the party ambushes the inhabitants, an orc wizard and two bugbear accomplices. Despite his attempts to engage the party with a squad of test zombies and a large bound earth elemental, the wizard is taken down and the orc captives slaughtered.

The party then turns their attention to the main battle and are themselves ambushed by a trio of lava spiders. Despite a pitched battle, the party handles the threat and meets up with a small group of Silver Star guilders. They accompany them to the main battle area and set into motion a plan to lure the wretched foes into an alleyway dotted with barrels of flaming oil. As three large ogres turn the corner, the explosive trap is unleashed and just as the ogres turn to attack the party on the balcony, the group manages to activate their teleportation stone and return home, where news of a rather successful raid by the guilds quickly takes shape.

Session 4 – The party joins up with a couple of dwarves and are tasked with infiltrating the former tower of a fire giant, which appears now to be used for the rituals leading to the binding of fire elementals. The party commandeers a ship to get to the lonely volcanic isle, and discover a hidden entrance on the far side of the island that they hope leads to the base of the tower. The party face several challenges, including more lava spiders and a pair of particularly nasty lava oozes, as they navigate the narrow twisting tunnels into the heart of the mountain. Eventually they come upon the back of a smooth portal carved from the black rock. Deciding that there mission is complete on this day, the party returns back to Tirg-Ath-Anon.


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